Hipsters hate to be called hipsters. In fact “hipster”  the most insulting thing you can call a guy who wears vintage tee shirts, a clashing alpaca sweater and elaborately shaped, waxed facial hair, topped off with a weensy pork pie hat-cum-childlike fedora (the female version is usually seen clad in a polka dot “barbecue dress”). Both sexes usually sport tattoos and will don oversized  glasses, whether they need them or not. The hipster fuel of choice is caffeine by day, Pabst Blue Ribbon when the sun sets, and combo of the two after midnight.

So Senator Orrin Hatch totally dissed POTUS when he said:

President Obama has traded in the hard hat and lunch bucket category of the Democratic Party for the hipster fedora and a double skim latte.*

One sure sign of hipsters is that they will deny being hipsters, so there’s nothing the President can say to slough off this vilification.

The only possible way  Obama can counter Hatch’s insult is to just go full Brony and admit to basing his foreign and domestic policies on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

* Hatch’s ability to discern socio-cultural trends is slightly off base here. Some hipsters do carry lunchbuckets–usually vintage ones featuring beloved icons like Tron, the Hardy Boys or the Dukes of Hazzard–which are used in place of a satchels or purses.


[HT: Gawker]