On Wednesday at 9am, BART will hold a public meeting to discuss the shutdown of cell phone service at BART platforms and on trains. The meeting will live stream and you can watch it here.

Anonymous has stated its goals/demands, and they are very reasonable. Once met, the protests will stop. The next round of protests is scheduled for Monday August 29.  The protest on Monday August 22 drew between 80 and 100 people; the San Francisco police arrested 40 people, some of whom were journalists, who were released after they were able to prove that they were members of the Fourth Estate.

Here’s the Anonymous statement, expect to hear part or all of it at tomorrow’s BART board of directors meeting:

We are Anonymous, over the past two weeks we have proven that we stand by what we believe…We have stated and will keep our promise of a protest EVERY week until our demands are met. Since these demands have not reached the BART board of directors yet, we will remind you of what we want in order to stop our protest:

1. Fire Linton Johnson and BART Chief Kenton Rainey.

2. Mandate new training for all BART officers.

3. Publicly apologize to the people for shutting down cell service.

4. Take the guns away from the BART police.

5. Reopen the investigation to the killing of Charles Hill.

Not only will these demands make the public feel more safe riding the BART system, but it will also ensure that BART is taking active steps to correcting it’s mistakes.

So now that we have made ourselves clear, we will continue with #OpBART every week until our demands are met.

We will see you Next Monday the 29th, 2011 Outside the civic center at 5pm.

We are Anonymous,

We are legion,

We never forgive,

We never forget,

Expect us.