Teeth gnashing, hostile conservative, homophobic h8ters One Million Moms have dropped their mean-spirited call for retailer JC Penney to fire spokeswomen Ellen DeGeneres because the beloved talk show host is openly gay. One Million Mom spokesperson Monica Cole told One News Now:

Everyone works hard for their money, and they want to spend their money with companies that have the same values as them. And JC Penney stated that Ellen DeGeneres shares the same values that they do. So obviously, it’s not the same as Christians or conservatives, which is unfortunate [because] JC Penney was founded by a Christian man.

One Million Moms were excoriated by none other than bloviating Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly who called the groups action

Un-American…wrong…a witch hunt

Cole explains that One Million Moms, a subsidiary of the rabid LGBT-loathing American Family Association, now has other fish to fry: They’ve rallied members to call for sponsors to drop their adds on ABC’s new comedy series GCB, and they’ve got their sandy panties in a tightly wadded bunch over this commercial:

The Clorox Company introduces the Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Snake and Gel System in this ad which is full of sexual innuendos as well. They are attempting to use sex to sell a product to unclog drains…The commercial starts off with a woman in a supermarket daydreaming about what this new Liquid-Plumr product has to offer. She says, “Double impact,” twice as she reads the bottle. In her dream she is at home and answers the door to find a sexy plumber… She says come on in and he walks upstairs. The doorbell rings again and it is a second sexy plumber…

Then she wakes up to reality to find the two men in the supermarket. She flirts by giving sexy eyes to the one man in the deli slicing meat and the other in produce holding two melons. These two men are the same as in her dream. It may be coincidence, but the man in produce is standing beside cucumbers with a price sign behind him reading 69 cents.

One wonders what they would have thought about  the Ty-D-Bol ads which featured a woman in her bathroom talking to the little man in the boat.