Oil. Oil to the world. And that’s what America is hoping for by 2020. That flow of generosity, that holiday spirit has seeped into Versus, where creator Marcy Schaffer has penned a new set of lyrics to celebrate that we’re fracked.

Oil to the world
Could POUR here from
It is miraculous
That we foresee such plenty
By roughly 2020
This flow indigenous
Giving back our muscle, thus
oh, NO one, NO, no one
can frack with us

All hail to shale
That blessed rock
And to its crude home-brewed
Take thanks to all the frackers, who
Break ranks with all the squackers, who
Cry slime will prime mutant food
And climate change will conclude
With heaven and nature
getting barbecued

Oil fields unfurled
As Europe saves
What China craves like crack
When gas IN every Audi
No longer must be Saudi
We’ll rule the power pack
Our fuel the jewel they lack
No bluster
a blockbuster
cluster frack

Oil to the world
The US may
Have extra to transact
We boast by sweet Light carol
To toast each sweet light barrel
For as wells like Shell’s extract
Only time will tell how they act
And how much in fact exactly
we’ll be fracked

How much in fact exact
will we be fracked?