Weiner’s Taint: Sydney Leathers Smells Fishy


Does Sydney Leathers sound just a little too good to be true? The Weiner pal was on Howard Stern today and she talked about how she had had sugar daddies in the past and is in discussions with Vivid Video to make a porno parody of her hot chats with the hot dog mayoral candidate.

Let’s look at Leathers, with our tin foil firmly in place:

She approached him, him knowing his weaknesses. She ratted him out after he delivered enough damning texts. She knew all about his speeches, his politics and  and his backstory. Her name is Sydney Leathers, which is  pretty  much a B-movie monicker for a femme fatal, even if as she claims, it’s her real name. She’s slick and polished. She’s cleaned up her look since her interview last week with Inside Edition (gone is the bad bleach job and truck stop makeup). She wants  to cash  in.  I’m feeling honey pot here.

Granted Weiner’s scandalous taint has dirtied the base, and there’s little chance of him surging ahead. He may have to pull out early if his polls continue to drop.

But Sydney Leather reeks of something very fishy.

Broadwell, Petraeus, Kelley: A Very Special Episode of “Love Boat”



All abroad aboard tonight’s Very Special Episode of the Love Boat:

A series of startling revelations will change the lives of everyone on the Love Boat, as tonight they will loose one–or several–of their own.  The four-star cast is joined by surprise guests.


Hilarity ensues. Except people died off screen, approximately 137,000 civilians and over 7,000 U.S. soldiers.