Late Night: Let’s Play Movie Producer–The John McAfee Story


John McAfee, the anti-computer virus pioneer who went all Colonel Kurtz/rave gangsta in the jungles of Belize experimenting with extreme drugs, boinking young girls, and allegedly murdering his neighbor, was captured in Guatemala because some noob journo with an iPhone forgot to scrub the geo-data before uploading the photo. Oops. (Or maybe it was a vast conspiracy!)

Anyway, now that he’s in jail, McAfee–who is prolific blogger and blames his arrest on officials in Belize who have it in for him (nothing to do with drug experiments and boinking young girls, let alone allegedly murdering his neighbor since according to McAfee that was a set-up, or something)–has proved he really must be innocent. Because he sold the TV and film rights to his story to a production company, and issued this statement:

My most heartfelt thank you goes to Impact Future Media and Cartoon Monkey Studio. Their dedication to the truth is very uncommon in the world we live in today. I am now, and will always be, grateful to their organizations.

So, who would you cast as McAfee? Robert Downey, Jr.? Sean Penn? Christian Bale? (McAfee is kind of like American Psycho’s Patrick Bates after too long at Burning Man!). Matthew McConaughey? Gerard Butler? Josh Brolin? Maybe go age-appropriate with John Malkovich or Sam Butler?

Title ideas?

Goin’ Viral
Belize Me
Jungle Innocence
Thirty Day Free Trial: The John McAfee Story
Running in the Background


Late Night FDL: Miscellany


I am in Tucson, Arizona for the huge gem, mineral, fossil and precious stones and whatever else expos/shows, and to visit Occupy Tucson which is staging several anti-bank rallies this week. I love gems and minerals, geodes, agates, and fossils, but it kinda bums me out to see so much of Nature’s beauty churned for a buck.

Today we just visited the fossil motel. Room after room in a two story building packed with stuff: A complete pterodactyl skeleton, small to giant ammonites, ichthyosaurs, and box after box loaded with small fossils. Many were dug up in South Dakota, Morocco, China and parts of the UK. Crates of ancient shark, horse and other critter teeth, sliced mammoth bones–I mean really, like what kinds of losses to science and the environment had been done by digging and dredging these things up just so someone could hang them on a wall?

And meteorites–absolutely insane chunks from 2 millimeters to many inches in diameter, weird metals and anhydrous balls of glass from the Libyan desert formed when meteors struck.

Two older guys, a dealer and a customer, were discussing a robbery that had occurred the night before in one of the rooms. Three carved stone dealers over from China were robbed at gunpoint by “a Mexican” who took all their cash. A fourth man stepped out of the bathroom and was robbed as well. This is one of the few times in anyone’s memory a robbery has happened at one of the gem and mineral shows. Consensus: Darn lucky none of the victims were armed because it could have gotten messy fast.

I ate lunch today in a cafe with a sign posted that read:

No firearms allowed inside


On a lighter note, here’s a quiz:

Which of these is not true:

A. Sean Penn has been named an ambassador.

B. Dehydrated, homophobic, really rich comic Tracy Morgan won’t pay $25K to save his mom’s house from foreclosure.

C. Brad Pitt has blocked his kids from Googling him and Angelina Jolie.

D. Mitt Romney was caught drinking hot coffee–but he claims it was Sanka.


Speaking of Mitt, according to the National Enquirer, three dozen of his extended family who live in Colonia Juarez, Mexico, have been targeted by the cartels:

Inside sources told The ENQUIRER that Romney’s advisers fear he will be scarred by a blood-soaked scandal if any of his kin are slaughtered due to their ties to the presidential candidate.

“These relatives of Mitt lived quietly until now, working hard as farmers and cattle ranchers,” a top political source told The ENQUIRER.


Sean Penn on Occupy Wall Street Protest: More Proud than Ever to Be an American


At first Piers Morgan pushes the

Protesters are angry

concept and looks nervous about OWS. Sean Penn says

Occupy Wall Street protest is telling the world we cannot be controlled by fear anymore.

and that the protests have made him prouder than ever to be an American. The whole interview is very inspiring, and Penn is a thoughtful and articulate American philosopher.

Occupy LA Day 3: Sign Here!


This is the city. This is Los Angeles. Occupy LA has moved to the smaller north lawn of City Hall because a movie is shooting on the south lawn.

I don’t know the title, but I know that Ryan Gosling is hot!

exclaims an Occupy LA  volunteer at the media tent. Gosling didn’t stop over to say hi to the Occupiers, but the coordinator, multi-tasking at a computer, pack of Pall Malls and pad of paper as people ask her heaps of questions, said that she took a few extra breaks to catch a look at the Drive star.

The movie is Gangster Squad, a true tale about the Los Angeles Police Department’s efforts in the late 1940s and 50s to keep the mob out of Los Angeles. Sean Penn co-stars as the notorious Mickey Cohen.

City Councilman Richard Alarcon had dropped by earlier in the day. And Rocket Pizza delivered pizza! NBC, ABC, and both CBS stations had broadcast  trucks parked  and reporters scouring for interviews. There is no media blackout, but the media might get bored.

During General Assembly the announcer thanked the LAPD and the city council for allowing the Occupy LA to continue to assemble without permits, which are in the works. A huge round of applause went up and continued as the speaker introduced Vincent from Occupy Wall Street.  Vincent informed the crowd of almost 200 that the Occupy Movement was now in 70 cities.

Vincent said he was amazed at how organized Occupy LA was in only three days.

There are more people here tonight than we had in three days. You have a microphone, we didn’t have a microphone.

Tall, with a shaved head and full sleeve tattoos, Vincent said he is a anarchist and after he started doing Occupy WS, he saw how true leaderless government worked.  After much hand-waving and applause from the Occupiers, Vincent stepped back , Rose from La Puenta stepped up the mic with her story. A  single mom, Rose was late on a mortgage payment and the bank began foreclosure. She has decided to stay in her house and invited any Occupiers who would like to join her.

Come on down. There are fliers with my address.

La Puenta is twenty miles east of City Hall.

Next up, Brian from the International Workers of the World who began to explain how the consensus process works (basically if you like it or can live with it, don’t block it) which is designed to give everyone an equal voice and avoid power dynamics.

To keep groups from getting shut out, women of color. Queers.

Much applause and cheers from the LGBTQ in the crowd.

Then I overhead

How cute! A mom and her daughter just came with sandwiches they made!

My friends, Teresa the voter registration lady and her daughter Ava had arrived with a tin of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a huge stack of voter registration forms, which were very hard to find; there were none at three post offices, but luckily the post office at by the Grove, a celeb-studded outdoor mall had a huge stack.

I walked around with Teresa and her eight-year old as they asked people if they were registered to vote. The majority said yes, but those that weren’t happily took forms. Voting is important says Teresa because:

The three branches of the government are bought and sold, but the people can’t be. It’s not just electing officials, there are lots of propositions on ballots. And  judges.

Theresa also dropped off a stack of the forms at volunteer tables. One volunteer, who I had spoken to yesterday, asked her if she thought he should tell his boss–he works in finance and having just come from the office,  was wearing a button down shirt and tie–that he is spending his evenings and weekends at Occupy LA.

Ava and I ate bacon wrapped hotdogs–her first!–to celebrate her first time at a political event and we finished strolling around the camps.

This mornng I woke up and the rain had started. Occupy LA needs tarps, blankets, socks and toilet paper. They would also like reusable bowls, drinking glasses and flatwear which will be passed out to campers and washed to cut down on waste. There’s a PayPal donation button here, along with more info about what is needed.


Sean Penn Played Part in Hikers’ Release from Iran

Sources close to actor Sean Penn confirmed that the actor played a huge part in the release of hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer from an Iranian prison where they had been held for over two years. The duo, along with friend Sarah Shourd, were captured by Iranian troops and charged with espionage when they got lost hiking along the Iraq-Iran border.

Penn is close friends with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.  Reuters reported

Chavez  urged his ally, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to release the hikers after the South American leader was lobbied by pals in U.S. “intellectual circles.

Fattal and Bauer were released on $500,000 “bail” each after eight-year sentences were delivered in August, 2011.

Shourd’s bail was the same, but she did not go to trial and was released in 2010 on humanitarian grounds.

photo: screen shot, Sean Penn on Charlie Rose

Haiti: Wyclef Jean To Contest No Go on Presidential Ballot

Singer Wyclef Jean has been a denied a spot in the presidential election in Haiti, and plans to appeal the decision by Haiti’s board of elections  which stated that he is not a resident of Haiti. Wyclef was born in the island nation and claimed to People magazine that

the psychology of the Haitian people is something that I understand ever since birth.

But actor/activist Sean Penn–who created a 55,000-person tent camp/relief village through his own foundation, J/P Haitian Relief Organization and has lived in the country for several months–
expressed his concerns about the singer’s qualifications. In an interview with Larry King, Penn alleged that Wyclef Jean mishandled $400,000 in earthquake-relief donations and has been absent in the country.

This is somebody who’s going to receive an enormous amount of support from the United States, and I have to say I’m very suspicious of it.

Wyclef told People magazine that there are 4 million Haitians living outside the country who bring $2 billion in a year into the Haitian economy. The Haitian constitution requires that candidates be residents of Haiti for five years prior to the election.