Westboro Baptist Church Learns “Ask and Ye Shall Receive–Anonymously”

Rule 14 of the Internet states:

Do not argue with a troll — it means that they win.

A few days ago Westboro Baptist Church either trolled or got trolled, depending on whoever is telling the story. A post went up on Anonymous’ message board that the zany non-group of nobodies who don’t know each other–the ones who harshed Scientology’s emeters, made their body thetans cry “uncle,” and helped Xenu party at all the best clubs, along doing a whole a lot of other widely reported anonymous actions related to free speech and Wikileaks and whatever–were going after WBC because they don’t care for the Phelps or their methods.

The Phelps family, who think they speak for God and really just like publicity and suing, told Anonymous to


Anonymous who are very, very smart–like 13th level Marcabian chess played on the 5th Fleet– offered a mature, thoughtful and measured response on their  boards (which saw a huge leap in traffic after WBC publicized the “threats” thus proving God in the form of Ad-Sense loves Anonymous):

We know that YOU in fact posted the Open Letter supposedly
from Anonymous…We know how you work. You don’t give a flying fart about what
your God thinks. But you know that putting God and Fag in a sentence
together is guaranteed to make someone angry. You push it. You really
push it. But you stay within the law. And then when some poor fool
snaps, you sue them for infringing upon your rights.

Which should have just stopped the issue. But no! Shirley Phelps went on David Pakman’s show to debate the issue with an Anon. And surprise: The Phelps’ sites got hit with a DDOS (distributed denial of service). In the Pakman interview with Shirley Phelps, Anonymous said that The Jester (th3 j35t3r)–an anti-jihadist hackivist–was responsible for that attack, confirmed by the The Jester himself.

And as the interview with Shirley Phelps and Anonymous was  being conducted, the WBC spokesprophet taunted the Internet legion–who had successfully taken down Paypal’s blogs and the front pages of MasterCard and Visa, plus the websites of the Swedish and Tunisian governments, as well as facilitating info transmission from and within Iran, Libya, and Bahrain–calling Anons some fairly rude names and claiming that Anonymous couldn’t affect them–Anons put up this message on  a WBC site:

Um, neener. Maybe Ms Phelps needs to review Matthew 7:7, Luke 11:9 and John 16:24, as well as teh Rules of the Internet. Though actually in her case, Rule 34 scares the shit out me.

[HT: Dangerous Minds, TheNewCivilRightsMovement]

Just in Time for Easter: Socially Conscious ELF PORN

Okay, if I had written about this two days ago, you all would have coffeed on your screens and said

WTF, she’s pulling our legs, elf porn? Who wants to…waaaait, what’s the URL again?!

Yeah, xxxElfxxx.com, the brain child of designer Ben Jacob, combining socially conscious ideology with fornicating forest dwelling fantasy creatures, has hit the intert00bs, and it’s the feel good fap of the season, says one aficionado of online erotica (not me!).

I have friends who play Worlds of Warcraft, EverQuest and Second Life (aka Get a Life and You Suck at Life), and they claim there are ways to make the games adult. Rule 34…

Full disclosure, I have only watched a brief clip of  NSWF “action” and a full SFW bit; neither porn nor hentai are really my bag, nor are computer-generated images, but there is something rather charming about these  female elf heroines–who each have their own physically fit body type–and their um, larger than life consorts who live in the magical world of Felther (yeah, “felt her”). These are certainly not the Keebler elves!

So I tracked down xxxElfxxx creator Ben Jacob who told me that he had worked developing Elf Porn into a quality, professional product with an eco-friendly message–and that he’s planting trees to help minimize his company’s carbon footprint:

My biggest philosophical concern is how, as a species, we have distanced ourselves from the natural world. Most humans within our “worldly” culture place their needs, desires, and indulgences far before the needs of the planet and all of the other species sharing this space.

Each one of us has a personal and direct relationship to the Earth itself that is often neglected or never considered. All of the living things on this planet have a common ancestry to us, which makes them far off distant cousins at some point. Ultimately, they are still family though and I hope one day they will be considered and treated as such.

In the world of Felther, the elves have this awareness and connection to the plants, animals, and environment. Each heroine has a bond with some creature or “familiar” that is a gift, a source of power and support for them.

In short the story will be about two “evil” entities overrunning the world of Felther that are poisoning both the land and the minds of the people within. These are drawing on sharp parallels to how I see our own situation here on Earth and our current worldly crisis pertaining to environmental degradation, materialism, and religious extremism. The Heroines of Felther all have their own reasons or back stories of why they are battling these entities, drawing them together for a common goal.

So in this season of rebirth and resurrection, when little bunnies leave us chocolate eggs and the Divine Feminine is celebrated in the form of the book and skull-clutching Mary Magdalene, the elves of Felther may help mitigate the horrors of the canned ham and candied yams.