Late Night FDL: Hot Mic Merriment

At least Obama has a sense of humor plus some timing and delivery, which is more than can be said about Rmoney, Frothy Santorum, the Gin Grinch, or Grandpa Ron Paul. Or for that matter, Sarah Palin who wooden delivery on the Today Show, coupled with her grating voice, and robotic repetition of

socialist policies

was tragic.  Fred Karger is funny and as a former actor  can deliver witty remarks, but MSM forgets he’s running.  Here’s what Obama said today:



Marriott Wardman Park

Washington, D.C.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  (Applause.)  Please have a seat.  Well, good afternoon, and thank you to Dean Singleton and the board of the Associated Press for inviting me here today.  It is a pleasure to speak to all of you — and to have a microphone that I can see.  (Laughter.)  Feel free to transmit any of this to Vladimir if you see him.  (Laughter.)

Clearly, we’re already in the beginning months of another long, lively election year.  There will be gaffes and minor controversies, be hot mics and Etch-a-Sketch moments.  You will cover every word that we say, and we will complain vociferously about the unflattering words that you write — unless, of course, you’re writing about the other guy — in which case, good job.  (Laughter.)

Fun Time: Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Rap Videos

Mitten$ Rmoney gets the rap treatment, and rapped on the knuckles, in this clever Fair Use video from Hugh Atkin which asks

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up

Meanwhile, a Ron Paul supporter wrote this  fanboy rap song featuring highlights from Dr. Grandpa.

Today is the Illinois GOP primary. Don’t forget to vote.

GOP Race: Fred Karger Beats Ron Paul in Puerto Rico Primary

Lawn sign supporting Karger in Los Angeles

Fred Karger–the openly gay, Jewish, pro-choice, pro-LGBT, pro-pot, anti-war GOP candidate–beat Ron Paul in the Puerto Rico primary Sunday. In New Hampshire, Karger beat out Michele Bachmann.

Karger, who has no SuperPAC and despite qualifying for the GOP debates has been excluded from the podium, traveled to Puerto Rico in advance of the primary, spending six days on the island campaigning:

We spent the past 6 days campaigning hard in Puerto Rico and it worked.  Ron Paul has been in all 20 debates, raised $35 million, and has 80% name identification and it looks like we beat him with our message of jobs now, moderation and inclusion.

Karger’s strategy–meeting with Republican leaders, students, the LGBT Community and lots of voters over the last six days, a  Spanish-language television commercial, “Hola Puerto Rico” and passing out lots of Frisbees–paid off.

It should be interesting to see how Karger, who is vastly underspending his fellow GOP candidates, fares in the upcoming primaries. I hope he gets on Colbert, and makes it into the debates.

Mitten$ Rmoney won the Puerto Rico primary by a landslide.


Late Night FDL: Nachos and Hogwash, This My Juice!


Herb Cain promises to dance and make love and reminds us that

you can’t police your underwear, all you can do is give that woodchuck a tuna melt

Meanwhile Anonymous doesn’t support Ron Paul even thought some people who are Anonymous do. And some of the Anonymous people who don’t support ron Paul explain why they don’t.  And just so you are clear about who the front runners in the GOP campaign are, Funny or Die lays it out for you:

Barry Manilow: Can’t Smile Without Ron Paul, but is Candidate a Fanilow?


Barry Manilow, who set the gold standard for pop hits–and wrote the “I am stuck on Band-Aids” jingle– has thrown his support behind Ron Paul. Does this mean that we could be hearing “Copcabana” at Ron Paul-thons?

Bruno Makes an Ass Out of Ron Paul

bruno.thumbnail.jpgSasha Baron Cohen’s faux Austrian fashionista Bruno dropped trou in a hotel room gave libertarian Ron Paul a view of his butt cheeks, the Texas Congressman told radio host Curtis Sliwa. Paul was expecting an intellectual discussion of Austrian economics, but instead after arriving in:

A studio situation where they had a lot of lights, burn and blaze and all kinds of commotion. They said — better get in this back room here. And all of a sudden, I was in this room, which they had it all fixed up as a bedroom. So, getting me there was sort of dishonesty. Getting me into the interview.

I was expecting an interview on Austrian economics. So, that didn’t turn out that way. But, by the time he started pulling his pants down, I, What is going on here? I ran out of the room. This interview has ended.

Paul admits he hadn’t heard of Sasha Baron Cohen and his alter egos Borat and Bruno, Now he is in an uncomfy position because of the conflicts:

When this all gets out, I’m probably going to have to apologize to my supporters because I think most of them are going to figure out why in the world didn’t I sock this guy in the nose?… Movies I used to see are ‘Sound of Music.’ Tonight, I was sitting here watching ‘Gone with the Wind.’ So, I don’t watch that kind of stuff. And I understand he makes a lot of money. But, if he makes a lot of money, I have to permit the market to do this.

 I cna understand how Ron Paul may not have wanted to see Borat, but how could he have missed out the movie’s box office figures (Over $26 million on opening weekend, over $128 million total)?

I don’t like the idea that he lies his way into an interview. That to me is fraud. But, the fact that he has raunchy material and people buy into it, it’s sort of sad that that is a reflection of our culture. To me, it’s a real shame that people are going to reward him with millions and millions of dollars for being so crass.

What the market will bear…