When I first saw this ad, I thought it was a right-wing produced anti-Roe v Wade commercial because it is soooo yucky and creepy. For me the guy falls straight into the worst stereotype of the typical smarmy cad who wants to bang without a condom on the first dip. He’s slick, faux-seductive, self-entitled, bougie, and a boozer. Flunk. Fail. So when I saw it was produced by the pro-choice Center for Reproductive Rights, I threw up a little in my mouth.


This new pseudo-PSA from Coca-Cola pushes their low calorie options: Look, mini-Coke for portion control! Look, a lower calarie options with lots of fake stuff in it! And look, we voluntarily replaced high-calorie beverages in school vending machines with lower-calorie options just to insure we maintain out revenue stream. It’s nice they give money to the Boys And Girls Club, who I support through their local poker tournament at the Hustler Casino; I guess we all have our off-base ways of doing it for the kids.

The Coke ad basically says if you exercise enough, you can drink their glop¬† to your heart’s (and waistline’s) content.¬† Nice showing the white bread sammiches in the kids lunches too. Wheat bread and fruit would have made a better subliminal.

Your thoughts?