Electric Daisy Carnival Experience: Show Goes On, Though Hundreds of Theaters Cancel Rave Film


In a ridiculous overreaction,  AMC, Regal, Cinemark, and Regency theaters across the United States have cancelled over 500 showings of Thursday August 4th’s one-night pre-sale ticketed live broadcast of the film Electric Daisy Carnival Experience, following last week’s riot in Hollywood at the film’s  invitation-only premier. EDCE, which documents Electric Daisy Carnival the world’s premier electronic music festival, features performances by Deadmau5, Kaskade, Will.I.Am, Swedish House Mafia, Above & Beyond, Benny Benassi, Moby, Fedde Le Grand, Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, TRVS x A-Trak, Duck Sauce, MSTRKRFT, Afrojack, and a special tribute to DJ AM, as well as interviews with attendees, DJs and entertainment director and former rave dancer Jila Monster.

The first shock wave was was felt on July 29th with this announcement:

The “Electric Daisy Carnival Experience” film has not been cancelled and will continue to be shown in hundreds of theaters nationwide.  Although we are very disappointed that Regal and AMC theaters have abruptly decided not to show the “Electric Daisy Carnival Experience,” we are excited that people will still have the opportunity to experience a film about one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world and the love and joy this music brings to our lives.

It is extremely disheartening that some theaters wrongly associated an unaffiliated “block party,” and its disorderly crowd, with the private screening of the film….

We love the music, we love the fans, and we’re working hard to replace those theaters that were lost so that all the peaceful, passionate fans who want to see the movie will still have the opportunity to do so.  They were dancing in their seats at the premiere, and we want to give you the opportunity to do that too!

Then this announcement Tuesday:

[W]e regret to announce that Cinemark has also pulled the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience film from their theaters and broken contract with NCM/Fathom Events under misconceptions that the film’s fans and the events in Hollywood were somehow related. Make sure to get your tickets to those available shows, as they are sure to sell out!

We know that you, our fans, are incredible, creative, law-abiding and respectful individuals – and we are committed to making sure you all can enjoy viewing this film soon in any way that we can.  Our fans overseas will also be able to catch the film in the Fall. Please check back for updates! We promise that this show will go on, and on.

Yes, the show will go on, says director Kevin Kerslake even though

nine out of ten theaters have cancelled the screening.

Kerslake stressed that the film is still on over 80 screens (check here for locations), and that the exhibitor is working to find more theaters to show the highly anticipated film Thursday and over the next few weeks. And the film’s producer Pasquale Rotella, the CEO of Insomnia, Inc., which creates  the Electric Daisy Carnival musical festivals announced that EDCE will come to DVD/BluRay. An update to the EDCExperience Faceook page announced:

Hey EDC Fans!!! We are busting our butts to add more theaters. They are coming. Not for Thursday’s screenings, but over the next 2 weeks you will get to see the ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE.

Fans are seriously bummed, taking to the EDCExperience FB page to express their disappointment and frustration, as this sample from thousands of posts shows:

there was a theater right down the street and last week it was changed to about 5 miles away and now that ones gone, and now due to being in the military i am no where close to a theater, with no way to get to the closest theater, i am truely upset.


they just cancelled all of them in my state
Every theater in Tucson has cancelled. Are there any theaters that will screen it later on in the month? Already bought my ticket two weeks ago.
Are they going to cancel the damn GLEE movie too? Talk about riotting in the streets.
bought tix for amc…cancelled.
bought tix for cinemark…cancelled.
whew, just found out about baldwin hills….got tix.
as good as my witness, i will see this doc.


Hopefully, fans are contacting AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas, Cinemark and  Regency Theaters and politely registering their displeasure. Meanwhile, the filmmakers are updating their FB page with new theater information and  assuring fans that they are making every effort to get EDCE out to cities where the major chains shut it down.

Kerslake–our guest on August 22nd’s Movie Night whose credits include videos for Nirvana, Faith No More, Green Day, Iggy Pop and the Rolling Stones–told me

“Footloose” is on my mind right now. Everyone is telling the kids not to dance. But we know who will win out in the end. “Hey kids, get off my lawn!”? Let’s dance through the sprinklers!

Music and the culture around it as always been a flashpoint for revolution–from waltzes in the 1700s to jazz, swing, rock n roll, punk, rap and now electronic dance music.  And the rave culture is definitely frightening to the Establishment, as evidenced by the four theater chains shutting down over 500 screens to prevent people from seeing a movie.

Late Night: Obama Says-Drugs Aren’t a Health Issue, They’re a Legal Matter

While President Obama told Law Enforcement Against Prohibition member MacKenzie Allen, a retired deputy sheriff during an interview with the organization:

We have to think more about drugs as a public health problem

his comments on the new federal drug new budget show things in a different light.

But Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has a different view towards Ecstasy. They printed up a flier for distribution at raves which gave

tips such as “aim low” in both dose and frequency of the hallucinogen and to take regular breaks to let the body rest…

And ignored the legality. The fliers state that effects of Ecstasy

may include elevated mood and energy, enhanced sensations and a sense of emotional connectedness,” but also warn that it can lead to depression, anxiety and irritability.

It also says repeated Ecstasy use should be avoided. It’s a pretty wimpy attempt to tell people

Hey this stuff is BAD for you and you could go to jail!

The fliers were developed by county health officials and paid for by rave promoters after over 100 people were hospitalized at a series of huge raves at publicly owned facilities such as the Coliseum and L.A. Sports Arena which are rented by the gianormous party promoters.

L.A. city and county officials did not ban the raves, even after a 15 year-old girl died of an Ecstasy overdose in July, and the flier is the result of a task force convened to study the matter.

County Supervisor Mike Antonovich raised a ruckus and Public Health officials said they would immediately  revise the card

to further and more emphatically state that illegal drug use is dangerous.

I hope they didn’t print up a forest worth of these useless fliers.

Pot isn’t Ecstasy, and yet LA County at least recognizes the health issues of drug use. Drug use is health issue–pot and be very helpful for people who are ill, while drug addiction is a public health issue which should be addressed with treatment and harm reduction, rather than imprisonment.