Penn Jillette Calls BS on Obama’s “States’ Rights”

Magician and arch-debunker Penn Jillette made a very valid point on his podcast Sunday: That Obama has called states’ rights for marriage equality, but not for marijuana laws.

First off states’ rights for marriage equality means that over 1,300 federal rights are denied to same-sex couples in the states that celebrate marriage equality, but that wasn’t where Jillette was going. The entertainer, doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs, said about Obama and marijuana legalization:

Now, he has not left this to states’ rights. As you know, medical marijuana… you can get in California, and the feds are coming in to try to stop this. States’ rights don’t mean jack sh*t to the Obama administration on anything except gay marriage.

Bottom line, Obama should repeal DOMA and let states set their own pot laws. Oh heck, go whole hog and federally legalize marijuana.

(And for the record, I don’t do pot either.)


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Late Night: Food, Weed and Black Metal

I like fois gras, and the state of California now wants to pry the fatted duck liver off my fork. But this is America, and there’s room for all sorts of food lovers, from tattooed fois gras fans to vegan black metal chefs.

And thus I am very confused about this whole states rights issue that Obama brought up re: marriage equality. Like, it’s okay for states to decide if people can get married or not, and the Federal government won’t interfere, but when states decide that medical marijuana is legal, the Feds jump in and say


Could some explain that to me?

Pat Robertson: Legalize Weed!

Holy  joints!  Conservative televangelist Pat Robertson has come out in favor of marijuana legalization telling the New York Times:

I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol. I’ve never used marijuana and I don’t intend to, but it’s just one of those things that I think: this war on drugs just hasn’t succeeded.

Um, duh. Needless to say, lots of pro-pot groups are stoked that Robertson has spoken up about the war on drugs’ epic fail which has imprisoned thousands on personal use drug charges. Robertson said:

Prisons are being overcrowded with juvenile offenders having to do with drugs. And the penalties, the maximums, some of them could get 10 years for possession of a joint of marijuana. It makes no sense at all.

Then in a weird cognitive shift, Robertson explained that overpopulated jails are due in a large part to  to a

liberal mindset to have an all-encompassing government.

Whoa  Pat, dude, what have you been smoking?


Late Night FDL: Newt Goes from Smoking Weed to “Smoke ‘Em All!”

Former New Mexico governor and barely-blipping GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson resurrected the specter of Newt Gingrich’s doobie-dabbling and pot policy on MSNBC this weekend (though Johnson overstated Newt’s nonsense a bit). Here’s Newt’s most recent position, as of 1996, when as Speaker of House he introduced H.R. 4170 (Drug Importer Death Penalty Act of 1996) to the House of Representatives, which sought to

provide a sentence of death for certain importations of significant quantities of controlled substances

including marijuana.

Gingrich–who had smoked pot while a grad student in the 1960s, and had advocated medical marijuana in 1982 explained his shift in position in 1995, stating:

See, when I smoked pot it was illegal, but not immoral. Now, it is illegal AND immoral. The law didn’t change, only the morality… That’s why you get to go to jail and I don’t.

He again emphasized his firm stance on weed in 1996:

If you import a commercial quantity of illegal drugs… it is because you have made the personal decision that you are prepared to get rich by destroying our children. I have made the decision that I love our children enough that we will kill you if you do this.

Oh heck, Newt Gingrich’s policy on pot could be simply, well job creation. You know, making America strong by buying American. But no such luck, as this video shows.

Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party Endorses…uh…whut? Oh, Nevermind

(Willie Nelson finds Nirvana)


Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party was formed last November after the singer was arrested for pot possession. The goal of the party is support candidates who think the way the Teappotters to do. Which pretty much means legalizing marijuana.

Just three days ago Willie Nelson endorsed former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as the GOP nominee; Johnson admits to smoking pot and is pro-legalization. Heck Johnson even attended a bunch of pro- hemp and pot rallies across the country! Non of this “I never inhaled,” namby-pambyism from him.

But then–after Willie endorsed and Johnson sent out an acceptance quote and it was all over the media, Willie changed his mind. Instead, he told campaign advisers, he likes Dennis Kucinich for president.

Nelson now says

I think I will wait and see where he [Johnson] stands on other things. My bad. Sorry. I still think he is a good guy but so is Dennis and if he decided to run I would personally vote for him. If it came down to either him or Gary I’m already committed to Dennis. They both have said they support legal pot…This will blow over and the world moves on. No harm done. We sound like a bunch of pot smokers, that’s all…The more I get into politics the more I realize that I am a guitar player.

The presidential election is more than just a one-issue race. And while the Teapot Party might want to take a page from corporations by backing a candidate form each party, in the end endorsing a candidate is a serious business which requires more than just a a bong’s worth of thought.


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Weed and Unions: Good for America!

Connecticut is showing tremendous support for medical marijuana and decriminalization.  And why not? Pot is good for the American economy and for the American worker!

Willie Nelson, the Border Patrol and the Teapot Party

Border Patrol agents stopped a tour bus carrying Willie Nelson and band members at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, 100 miles from the Mexico border, smelled weed, called the K-9s and found six ounces of wackybaccy on the bus. Nelson posted a $2,500 bond and was released four hours later.

The singer now faces 180 days in jail and $10,00 fine. Local county sheriff says he’d like to have Nelson cook and clean and maybe wear one of theose stripey outfits.

Rolling Stone reports

The arrest doesn’t sit well with Texas attorney Dick DeGuerin, a criminal defense lawyer who recently represented Tom Delay and country singer Billy Joe Shaver, and was lawyer to David Koresh during the 1993 FBI siege of the Branch Davidian ranch outside Waco, Texas. DeGuerin questions the lawfulness of the search, which he says occurred 100 miles from the Mexican border. “It needs to be contested,” he says.

“It’s supposed to be a checkpoint only for aliens, and [agents] overstep their authority all the time,” he says. “I’ve had several cases from that checkpoint and they just use the opportunity to check out anybody they want to. If you have long hair, if you’re driving a van or it looks like you’re from California or you look like a hippie, they do profiling.”

Nelson said in an email to

There’s the Tea Party. How about the Teapot Party? Our motto: We lean a little to the left. Tax it, regulate it and legalize it. And stop the border wars over drugs. Why should the drug lords make all the money? Thousands of lives will be saved.

This is Nelson’s third arrest for pot. I hope he doesn’t pull a celebrity rehab redemption…Nah. Check out the stoners in this video.

I May Be in Mourning, But I’m Still Gonna Vote

Rest in peace, Captain. The rest of you, go vote!

November 2, y’all better be at the polls. There’s plenty on the ballots, whatever states you live in. AZ, CA, OR and SD have pot issues. And then there’s a whole other type of tea party to vote against!

If I can haul myself out out of my vale of tears and wrap my swollen eyes in Jackie O shades to stagger to the polls, those of you who haven’t done your mail in ballots can certainly do the same!


Cannabis Soda Pops Up as MMJ Delivery System

Smoking pot is the quickest way to get high and really the best way to regulate your dosage of medical marijuana (MMJ). But you’re smoking and that sucks, especially if  you are trying to keep your immune system happy. Vaporizing is an option though you have to haul the device around with you and well, you’re still kind of assaulting your lungs.

God bless you, Alice B. Toklas for your legendary brownies and to all the other innovators of cannabis cookery. Check in on Sunday when I share a couple recipes for medical marijuana foods. Granted, it can be a little challenging to know exactly a proper dose of mota munchie; and a stomach high is different from the head high. Edibles are a good way to use leaves and “larfy” buds that might not be up to dispensary standards in the 14 states which allow medical marijuana.

When I was at HempCon I came across Pineapple Express from Kushtown Sodas and now a Colorado company has just launched Dixie Elixirs, a cannabis laced soda pop in eight flavors including rootbeer, pink lemonade and grape. Dixie is only available in Colorado, where it’s made from sativa marijuana. The company claims

Dixie Elixirs refreshing carbonated beverage provides an organic alternative for patients seeking a refreshing but equally potent alternative to smoke and tinctures, or carb and calorie loaded edibles…

  • Carbonation delivers relief faster
  • Easy to enjoy with discretion
  • Consistently delicious, reliably potent
  • Relieves a wide range of symptoms
  • Use alone or to increase and enhance other MMJ medication
  • Discreet? With that big pot leaf on the recyclable bottle?

    Most likely the cannabinoids are extracted with glycerin, a method I have used to make other herbal extracts for people who avoid alcohol. The reviews of Kushtown haven’t been great: At $12 a bottle, consumers claim doesn’t produce much of a buzz. No one mentioned if the soda alleviated their symptoms, though if their symptom was “not being buzzed”  then the soda was def fail!  We’ll see what Colorado connoisseurs have to say about Dixie Elixirs.

    Soda as medicine is nothing new: Coca-Cola once famously contained coca leaf extract,producing a cocaine-like lift for consumers.  7-Up, with a nice dose of lithium citrate–an old school treatment for bipolar mood disorder back when it was called manic depression–was originally marketed as Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda.

    Happy Oct 22! LA Gets POTUS and Protests

    It’s 10/22. Do you know where your POTUS is? Today in Los Angeles the 110, 101, 2, 5, and 134 freeways  will be affected impacted by Obama appearing at USC and then taking a cruise to Glendale to tape an interview with radio personality Piolin on a Spanish-language station. Question of the day–will the President try  Glendale’s local delicacy Zankou Chicken, made famous by its Faulkern-esque family murder-suicides and redolent garlic sauce?  The rain and mist might make it non-viable for Obama to take a helicopter like Cardinal Roger Mahony used back when he had a bishop-prick to attend to, so expect freeway and street closures.

    There’s also a big rally downtown outside at Pershing Square with the October 22 Coalition marching as part of a National Day of Protest

    to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

    which will have observers from the National Lawyers Guild present. In Los Angeles during a September marches expressing outrage at the shooting of Guatemalan day laborer Manuel Jamines (Jamines Xum) by the LAPD, four protesters were arrested–two of whom were turned over ICE–and three officers injured by rocks and bottles thrown by demonstrators.

    Considering marijuana prohibition’s affect on

    the criminalization of a generation,

    and POTUS’ stance on pot, expect some pro-Prop 19 groups  at both events.

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