A group of five twenty-somethings were removed from a Rick Santorum rally Friday at the Liberty Heights Christian Academy after chanting

Mic check! Mic check! Mr. Santorum!

while two men in the group began to kiss. The crowd booed at first then began to chant


as the freedom of expressionators were led out by security. I’d like to think chanting our country’s initials was meant as a show of solidarity with the couple and their friends, since this is the land of the free, but it was a pro-Santorum rally, so sadly my optimism is misplaced.

I do think this could spawn a trend of straight/unmarried and LGBT couples–married or not– making out passionately en masse at any GOP rally. But minus the mic check to make it, like you know, more polite.

Heck, at a Fred Karger or Ron Paul rally such expression of freedom would be embraced; and at a Romney, Newt, or Santorum event, LGBT kissing should serve to remind the candidates that in America we have LGBT Republicans, while emphasizing to the other attendees that America is not like those nasty furrin ray-jeems that kill folks for being different. Why in his speech before the guys started kissing, Santorum was saying that America is an exceptional country. Time to prove it.