Stereotypes Begin Somewhere: Meet the Lingerie Model Who’s Voting for Mitt


Meet Trisha Patyas, lingerie model, self-proclaimed tanorexic, frequent reality show participant,  and

aspiring entrepreneur…er girl.

A few years ago, Trisha appeared on Tyra Banks’ talk show as a girl who gets her hair extensions removed. She was also featured on Millionaire Matchmaker as herself, America’s Got Talent as herself, Who Wants to Date a Comedian as herself; and for a tragic quick fame fix, on Judge Alex as herself, in a tussle of over paying her sister for hair dressing services. There are lots of YouTube videos of Trish as herself, talking about herself–and the products she buys and enjoys. She also has a blog where she writes about herself–and the products she buys and enjoys.

A Mitt Romney supporter who seems to be vying for Victoria Jackson’s seat on the  conservative fame whore crazy train, Trisha, a Catholic, wants everyone to know that she’s voting for Mitt

even though he’s not even Christian–he’s a Mormon

But he’s  super hot and gorgeous,

and we haven’t had a hot president since Kennedy, and we all know how that ended.

And because she has a kitten named Mittens who she calls Mitts.

So yay!  That’s like, a sign, right? And Mitt rhymes with tit! Just kidding! And I have two of those! No, that’s not the reason why I’m voting for him.

But she does think Mitt has a good running mate,

Ryan…It’s Ryan something, but I can’t remember,

unlike Sarah Palin who Trisha didn’t like, and who Trish feels cost McCain the election. Speaking of women, Trisha  reminds us that

All those who are saying like Republicans don’t like women, or whatever, well like, they are married to them. Whatever.

And while she admits she could

use some free Obamacare or whatever he’s pitching out there, I can’t vote for him, because he gonna take away my right to be a Catholic which he basically already has, and it’s turning into a tyranny, like socialism, like Mexico in the 1940s.

Best of all: Trisha is unsure if it was Ronald Reagan or Al Gore who promoted the

kinda liberal

“Vote or Die” slogan. (Neither. The slogan came out of Citizen Change, founded by P. Diddy in 2004, when John Kerry was the Democratic candidate running against George W. Bush). Ronald Reagan or Al Gore: Kinda liberal. You can’t make this stuff up!

Her video will make you weep for America. And throw up a little in your mouth. Don’t watch it while enjoying a beverage or you’ll spray the computer.


Late Nite: Nun Sense!

I love nuns. I think it began when I was seven and my aunt told me that

Get thee to a nunnery

was one of Shakespeare’s jokes, and it was a ye olden slang term for bordello, as well as a place where nuns live.

When Vatican 2 hit, it changed nuns. They became hip, like Mary Tyler Moore in that movie with Elvis Presley (it sucked, IMO). And of course The Flying Nun.

Recently nuns have been getting grief from the Vatican for being outspoken.

No uppity nuns!

shrilled the churchmen.

But nuns are rad. Or as Colbert said,

Radical feminists

Now the group of Catholic Sisters calling themselves Nuns on the Bus have kicked off their tour, though on their fist stop in Ames, Iowa, Republican (and Catholic) Congressman Steve King fled in terror:

leaving a small typed note taped on the door of his newly opened Ames office that said he was meeting with voters across his newly redrawn Iowa 4th Congressional District.

The nuns want to let elected officials know the wretched impact Senator Paul Ryan’s budget plan would have if it passes. But it looks like little Stevie was scared and ran off, leaving nary a staffer to be hospitable to the sisters. I hope he confesses his cowardice and inhospitality, and his priest gives him 30 full rosaries for being a chicken.