Julian Assange Opens for MIA at Recent NYC Concert

Julian Assange made an appearance as the opening act for MIA at her New York City Terminal 5 show this past weekend.

Appearing via Skype and citing that he was there in support of “the most courageous woman working in western music,” Asange delivered a ten minute speech on topics ranging from privacy to freedom of the press, shouting out the reporters who were in exile as a result of their press coverage.

The audio to emerge from the event is a bit hard to hear but in it Asange regrets not being able to attend the event in person explaining that he’s been deterred “because your government sucks.”

Despite some chatter during his remarks– the crowd seemed attentive throughout, cheering him on as cameras and smart phones flashed throughout the arena from fans eager to broadcast his appearance through social media.

While MIA and Julian Assange may seem like a bit of an odd couple, the two have collaborated before, most notably with MIA writing original music for Assange’s political TV show The World Tomorrow. WikiLeaks has also previously tweeted that “MIA is the Julian Assange of pop music.”

The artist is certainly no stranger to taking on the man.  She’s currently being sued by the NFL for flipping the bird during her 2012 Super Bowl performance and this past August when her record label told her to “darken” up her album, warning that it was too positive- she took to Twitter and threatened to leak it saying;

“If interscope takes longer i can always leak this next week and make a new one by the time they are ready.”

That got their attention.

Her new album “Matangi” was released November 5th– click here to check it out.

Banksy Arrested? Calm Down, It’s Art!

Rumors swirled yesterday that bluechip street artist Banksy had been pinched by the po-po, based on this October 23 message on the artist’s website:

But today, a new work surfaced on the Hustler building, the 24th piece in Banksy’s month-long NYC residency “Better Out Than In” which has featured a piece a new piece of art a day. The Gothamist reports:

NYPD spokesman tells us that no one was arrested for anything involving graffiti in the 79th [precinct], and specifically stated that Banksy was not arrested.

Consider Banksy’s message a piece of performance art.

Last week NYC’s billionaire mayor  Buzzkill Bloomberg, a heavy donor to  New York art institutions,  was upset over Banksy’s cheekily using the city as his canvas.

Nobody’s a bigger supporter of the arts than I am. I just think there are some places for art and some places where – no art. You running up to somebody’s property or public property and defacing it is not my definition of art. Or it may be art, but it should not be permitted. And I think that’s exactly what the law says.

Actually Bloomberg’s definition of art and his understanding of New York City’s graffiti laws are both a little off.  According to retired NYPD officer Steve Mona who worked with on city’s Vandal Squad:

Unless he’s done something on city property or one of the owners files a complaint, then there hasn’t been a crime committed. Because graffiti is an art form, what makes it a crime is whether the person had permission to do it to the property that they did it to. So if I walk up to your house and break your window because you said to me, ‘Hey Steve, break my window,’ I can’t be arrested for criminal mischief because you gave me permission to break your window, it’s the same with graffiti it’s no different. As long as no owner complains or  Banksy does [something to] a city property, which the mayor does have direct control over, then there’s no crime.

And you can bet  Bloomberg’s all RAAAAAAGE! that he didn’t score an original signed Banksy for $60 in Central Park a couple weeks ago.

Meanwhile Los Angeles–which recently passed a new murals ordinance which makes street art legal if you pay for a permit, get permission from the location, and publicly post your intentions–is anticipating a Banksy visit in December. Somehow I  don’t think he’ll be paying much attention to the new mural rules. Especially since the Banksylax website is

 registered by Julien’s Auctions, not Banksy, and is an attempt to hype the planned December auction of a work that Banksy stenciled in Los Angeles that was chiseled off the wall and will be sold to the highest bidder.




Fame Whores Fail: Sydney Leathers Crashes Weiner Election Party

Sydney Leathers showed up–uninvited– at Anthony Weiner’s NYC election  concession party (cue sad trombone). And she wore red. Leathers played Weiner for her own advancement in the sex industry; and he was trapped by a woman with fewer morals, but more honesty, than he. But holy Xenu’s toenail, she a classless broad, a fame whore of the first order whose narcissism, self-involvement,and self-entitlement is only matched by that of her dick-led online lover, and she is riding that horse until it drops, telling reporters:

It’s my duty to be here.

Earlier on Tuesday the charmless Leathers was captured outside Weiner headquarters holding a  handmade sign urging

Don’t vote Weiner. Download Weinerizer.

“Weinerizer” is a song the putative porntrix recorded. According to Jason Horowitz who snapped the shot, Leathers isn’t worried that she’ll disappear after Weiner’s candidacy :::spit-take:::

BTW, Wiener and fellow sex scandalizer Eliot Spitzer both lost their primaries, with New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio getting  40.2 percent of the Democratic mayoral vote and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer winning the Democratic NYC Comptroller primary.

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Support Alec Baldwin Run for NYC Mayor


Alec Baldwin’s so-far theoretical run for mayor–which is based on a a “pal” talking to the Daily (something that may or may not have been okayed by Baldwin, since “friends” leaking stuff can be a classic tabloid move engineered by the subject)–has gotten its first celeb power couple endorsement, weirdly via Fox & Friends.

Jennifer Garner guested on FNC three stooges’ morning show Thursday to discuss Save the Children’s early education initiative, and when asked about her fellow thespian’s mayoral dreams said:

I think he would give us all a run for his money. He’s awesome, I love Alec. I think he should go for it. He could run and let people vote!

Garner,told F&F that she supports Baldwin’s run. as does Affleck:

Yes, I stand up for Alec Baldwin!…

When asked if Affleck would support Baldwin,the actress at first politely declined to speak for her husband, then laughed:

Oh have no idea what Ben would say, he would… Yes, Ben stands up for Alec Baldwin too!

adding that she didn’t see her spouse running for office anything soon.

Ooooh, let’s hope Alec Baldwin does run, if only for the who’s wearing what/fashion do’s and don’ts at the various fundraisers (and hopefully the inaugural ball)!