Late Night FDL: “Playboy Club,” Buhbye!

NBC has cancelled The Playboy Club, the sexy melodrama–set in the mid-1960s Chicago and centering around the flagship key club–which was one of the most subversive series on network television. TalkAboutEquality explained why:

The two characters who they try to make us believe are a young attractive married couple happen to be gay. And not only that – they are running a meeting of the Chicago chapter of the Mattachine Society!

The characters in the Playboy Club (a lesbian Playboy Bunny and a gay man) are in what was referred to as a “lavender marriage.” This was a common occurrence and still exists today when someone feels the need to hide their sexuality by marrying someone of the opposite gender.

Plus, openly gay Sean Maher plays the male half of the lavender marriage, while Amber Heard, who stars as the blond Bunny-in-training with a deadly secret, has been dating a woman for three years:

To say I came out implies that I was once in. Let me be straight about that—no pun intended—I never came out from anywhere. I’ve always lived my life the way I’ve wanted and have been honest with myself and everyone around me. It didn’t really affect anything in my career. I don’t think the producers and directors I’ve worked with care one way or another … I don’t want to be labeled as one thing or another. In the past I’ve had successful relationships with men, and now I’m in this successful relationship with a woman. When it comes to love I am totally open. And I don’t want to be put into a category, as in ‘I’m this’ or ‘I’m that.’ … [Gay marriage] is an important issue, and I’m fighting for the right to get married. For other people.

The Parents’ Television Council targeted advertisers, upset over what they perceived as a mainstreaming of pornography and the objectification of women; and Gloria Steinem, herself once a Playboy Bunny, both called for a boycott.

I watched the show and thought it was a fun morality play, complete with politics, America on the brink of change, murder, secrets, love, intrigue, and great costumes. Plus it showed the strides being made in civil rights for African Americans.

Regarding the Parents Television Council calling the whaambulance: seriously, it was on after 9pm, and as parents, it’s your responsibility to monitor what your kids watch. And you don’t like it, don’t watch it!

Buh Bye Fap Pages: Bachmann Pledges to Ban Porn

Hey America, you can kiss your Playboy centerfolds and internet fap fests goodbye if Michelle Bachmann is elected. Tea Party/GOP nutcase  Bachmann is the first candidate to sign THE FAMiLY LEADER pledge banning pornography, and based on her views, I think she may put Hugh Hefner’s empire in the same category as Tub Girl.

The FAMiLY LEADER pledge entitled, “The Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence upon Marriage and Family,” was created by uber-conservative evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats who, as state chair, led Mike Huckabee to win the Iowa caucuses. Vander Plaates, considered one of the top 10 must-have endorsements, says THE FAMiLY LEADER will not support a candidate who refuses to sign the pledge which has as some of its 14 points:

- Personal fidelity to his/her spouse – Appointing faithful constitutionalists as judges – Opposition to any redefinition of marriage – Support for the legal advocacy for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) – Humane efforts to protect women and children, (sex trafficking, pornography, etc) – Rejection of anti-women Sharia Islam – Commitment to downsizing government because of the burden to the American family

I would hope that “faithful constitutionalist” judge would reject any attempts to alter the Constitution to fit a conservative Evangelic point of view. You know,  the First Amendment thingy:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The FAMiLY LEADER has sponsored a presidential speaker series which so far featured Rep. Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rep. Ron Paul, and Gov. Tim Pawlenty, and Sen. Rick Santorum. Speaker Newt Gingrich–who financially supported Vander Plaats’ effort to remove three same-sex marriage supporting Iowa Supreme Court judges–will speak  this weekend. While it’s no suprise that Bachmann eagerly scrawled her name on  pledge, other presidential candidates as not quick so quick on the draw: Tim Pawlenty is reviewing the pledge, and the Des Moines Register reports:

an aide to to former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman said he never signs any pledges. A spokesman for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, said the congressman has reservations, while a representative of President Barack Obama’s Democratic campaign committee declined comment. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican, is reviewing the pledge, a spokesman said Thursday night. Several other GOP presidential candidates didn’t respond to requests for comment, including former Michigan Gov. Mitt Romney, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, and retired Georgia businessman Herman Cain.


[photo: Michelle Bachmann, CPAC 2011 by Gage Skidmore]