Rick Perry Gets Taste of Menstrual Blood on His Facebook

Texas governor Rick Perry’s Facebook page, tragically entitled Give Rick a Chance, is getting menstrual bombed, as dozens of women share their stories and ask his advice about PMS, birth control pills, hormone replacement and reproduction. Meanwhile, some supportive men have gotten in on the discussion.

Here are a few of the gems before his staff scrubs them. Feel free to join in before his staff blocks comments!


will.i.am versus John Boehner

Oh yes we can.  And we WILL!

FBI Investigating Cut Gas Line at Home of Rep Perriello’s Brother

I wrote about some idiot tea partier posting what he thought was the address of Representative Tom Perriello, so that people annoyed with his health care vote and other issues could pay a visit and have

a good face-to-face chat.

Only, it was the address of congressman’s brother. Now Federal and local authorities are investigating a severed gas line at Bo Perriello’s house. The gas line led from a propane tank to a barbecue on the back porch, and while it posed no immediate threat to the Perriello family, both the FBI and the Albemarle County fire marshal are investigating the incident, and police have stepped up patrols in the area as well.

Monday, Teablogger Mike Troxel said:

If they would like to provide me with the address of Tom, then I’d be more than happy to take it down.

Troxel then posted a long response about how it was not his fault if the internets were wrong, so neener. His site has currently exceeded its bandwidth, so you can’t read his cringe-worthy, self righteous screed, but it was pretty icky.

Another Tea Partier, Nigel Coleman, wrote on his Facebook page:

This is Rep. Thomas Stuart Price Perriello’s home address … I ain’t holding back anymore!!

According to a number of news reports, Coleman also wrote on another blog–since removed:

Do you mean I posted his brother’s address on my Facebook? Oh well, collateral damage.

Coleman later said that:

his choice of words was “definitely in poor taste.” He said he was not aware of anyone actually visiting the address and said this was not an organized effort by the 5th District tea parties.

“A lot of us who are tea partiers, we communicate through social networks,” Coleman said. “One of the other tea partiers in another group put up an address and said it was Tom Perriello’s address and several others of us put it up on our Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

“Turns out that it was not in fact his address, it was his brother’s. That was not something we were going for. We just wanted people to get a little closer to their congressman.”

Yeah, morans, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. WTF?!

Oh, and BTW, the increased cost of protecting members of Congress will come out of all the taxpayers’ pockets, and could result in a decrease of personal freedoms. You idiots, idiots, idiots!

And yeah, I am waiting for the double-douche comment that

Oh the Perriellos or some progressive activist cut the gas line themselves to discredit the Tea Party.

Please link to that when that–or posts about how anti-Democratic vandalism is just pissed off progressives trying to make true patriots look bad–show up. Because it’s never their fault. (See: Tiller). Facefuckingpalm.jpg.