Game of Thrones: My Favorite New Thing of 2013

Warning: Slight (unspecific) spoilers ahead. Click here for more on the SNL skit above.

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, direwolves in the tundra and The Wall and gratuitous nudity, and Ygritte is so annoying and sword play and WINTER IS COMING GAME OF THRONES IS THE BEST.

The land of Westeros was by far my absolute favorite discovery of 2013.

HBO’s hit series built off of the cult following generated by George RR Martin’s popular series A Song of Ice and Fire. Widely watched– and as it turns out even more widely pirated largely due to HBO’s strict third party policy.  The show was recently dubbed the most torrented show of 2013, beating out shows like Breaking Bad which saw the series finale come and go this past year. (RIP Breaking Bad.)

I could try to summarize what GoT is about but I don’t know how to do so in a way that’s spoiler-free and does justice to the amount of magic, mayhem and absolute and perpetual badassness of Arya Stark.

Even HBO’s website for the show contains immediate and critical spoilers, don’t click on the link it will ruin everything!

As the series rounds its way into its 4th season there’s still time to catch up.

I binge-watched the first two seasons of Game of Thrones, and the first episode of season 3, just in time to catch the 2nd episode of season 3 and join the masses in waiting week to week for each new episode.

The experience has been thoroughly satisfying.

Check out some spoiler-free Game of Thrones treats courtesy of the world wide web below!


Game of Thrones Theme song by Break of Reality

Arya and Sansa Stark (played by Massie Williams and Sophie Turner respectively) are actually BFFs in real life! Video above via of Sophie Turner’s Instagram.

A parody video of the most awkward dinner party at Tywin Lannister’s house of all time

Enjoy and Happy New Years Everyone!!

Late Night: Armageddon Tired of this Mayan Apocalypse. Now Everyone’s Gone to the Movies. Or Santacon!


NASA continues to peer into the future, claiming that the world did not end on 12.21.12. We’ll address that on 12.22.12. If we’re here. Meanwhile, I got email from JP Sottile at newsvandal with whom I have an ongoing tinfoil millinery competition:

the real question is whether or not A.I. was a secret endorsement of the mayan apocalypse and if nasa is getting back at kubrick ex post facto? joel haley osment is the catalyst for a mayan ragnarok

Why would NASA want to get back at Kubrick? Well, pull out your tinsel top hat and settle in for what I put JP through the other night, bwhahhaha! Seems that, according to conspiracy theorist film geeks, while Kubrick was making 2001: A Space Odyssey, he was also faking the moon landing, and he felt so guilty about it that he later tipped everyone off in The Shining, if you can just find at the clues. And to make it easy for you, there’s a video that lays it all out. (It’s an hour long, so here’s the short TL/DW version):

 A.I. was originally developed by Kubrick beginning in the mid-1970s. Despite the growth in technology over the decades, Kubrick felt that neither computer generated effects nor child actors were good enough to portray the character of David, so he handed it over to Steven Spielberg in 1995, and it was only after Kubrick’s death in 1999 that the project gained momentum and was finally made. A.I. was released in 2001 with Haley Joel Osment as David.


Meanwhile, Martin Scorsese will be directing a documentary about Bill Clinton for HBO. Suggested titles:

Hillary Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
New York! New York!
Last Temptation of Clinton
The President of Comedy


And once again Santacon took to the streets! This annual tradition, begun in 1995 in San Francisco, features  people in cities around the world dressing up as Santa and acting like slightly better-behaved Krampuses (Krampi?), thereby creating Santarchy.

Here’s a look at the first Santacon, a 39 minute mini-doc in glory days before TSA took away the airport fun, and their recent exploits in Los Angeles:

the East Village

and San Francisco


And if you love Santa, or sci-fi, on Monday December 24, we’ll be celebrating the 200th movie of Firedoglake Movie Night with Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, a special request from my producer Bev who is also the driving force (and heavy-lifter)  behind FDL Book Salons. You can watch the full version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians FREE here.


Late Night FDL: Game Change

March 10 HBO brings us “Game Change” which could be construed as a comedy, but isn’t, about the 2008 election, focusing specifically on John McCain’s choice for running mate: Sarah Palin.

Naturally SarahPAC had some strong words:

Pay channel HBO has produced another docudrama based on the political arena. This time it is a subscription-only television movie sensationalizing 40 pages of a three-year-old book about the 2008 presidential election…

The docudrama Game Change has not been released, but the content and clips available and scenes as reported by the media make it clear that HBO studio heads decided they would generate more profit by inventing facts and scenes for the purpose of fictionalizing a history written by people with no personal knowledge of the situations they attempt to depict.

Now wait a goldarn minute: Isn’t basing one’s viewpoint on just a snippet something the neo-cons claim the gotcha, drive-by-media does? Shouldn’t Palin, SarahPAC and the right just wait and watch the whole docudrama before passing an opinion? All I can say is

There they ago again

and Palin has created a response called “Fact Change”

Julian Assange Superstar: Movie in the Works

Who would you cast as Julian Assange in a film about the WikiLeaks wunderkind?

Variety reports that Charles Ferguson, Oscar nominated for “Inside Job” has been signed to to HBO to direct his first non-doc feature: The story of  Julian Assange.

Meanwhile both Universal and Dreamworks are developing Assange bio pics. Ryan Phillippe could make a good Assange; he has already been in one computer thriller with Tim Robbins, who would also be awesome as Assange, screw the age difference, Robbins looks young enough. Robert Pattinson? Sure. Any other suggestions?

The story of  WikiLeaks, Assange and Bradley Manning would also make a stunning modern tragic opera, with a chorus in Anon masks.

(image: segment of Boucher’s Venus)