68% of Registered Republicans, 49% of Registered Democrats Believe in Demonic Possession

Why wasn’t demonic possession addressed in the Presidential debates?! Demons are obviously as important an issue as low/no taxes, denying reproductive and LGBT rights, and keeping semi-automatic rifles in the hands of God (and demon) fearing Americans, since according to a  poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, 68% of registered Republican voters believe in demonic possession. And it’s not just the GOP– 49% of Democratic voters also believe that demons can possess us.

Granted, one could argue that “demons” are negative impulses, psychological aberrations, mental illness etc., but in theology demons are disincarnate entities which occupy people and places and cause all kind of havoc. However, demons can be controlled and mastered, but this should only be done by individuals with proper training, not by anyone hanging out their shingle as an exorcist-or by depressed metal heads who have played Black Sabbath records backwards one too many times.

Nutbags are all too ready to blame anything and everything they dislike, fear or can’t explain on demons, witchcraft, voodoo, curses, and related supernatural concepts (which in all fairness, I believe in some of that stuff, too, though I use Occam’s Razor,  lex parsimoniae, first, before exploring other worldly causes, since resorting to “Curses! Witchcraft!” as the go-to for everything from lost keys and flickering light bulbs to a bad date is exhausting and silly. Usually there are simple, mundane explanations for stuff).

Some major questions that should be explored regarding demonic possession: How many politicians do believers feel are possessed? Is outsourcing of jobs caused by demonic possession? Can Wall Street be exorcised? And what strange malignant force, what ancient unnamed evil controls Dick Cheney?

I Am Confused – Guns and Gordon Ramsey

Why is it okay for the Feds to make some laws which conservatives support that override state laws; but with other federal laws that would trump states rights, the conservatives get all upset?

Right now the House of Representatives is all excited about voting on a bill, H.R. 822, which would force states to honor all concealed gun permits from anywhere here in the US. That’s the federal government interfering with my state’s law, dag burn it! And over 600 mayors from both parties have said


Plus 72% of voters polled across the country are opposed to interference from Washington on standards for carrying concealed weapons. Though that could cut both ways; some might be opposed to Washington placing any standards.

There’s a very big overlap between the “give ‘em their guns, state’s rights be damned” groups, and the folk who don’t want marriage equality on a federal level, because that’s government interference. So why the disconnect?


And in other news, a porn actor’s remains were found in a badger’s nest in Wales. Percy Foster, a 3′ 6″ tall actor known for his work in Hi-Ho Hi-Ho It’s Up the Arse We Go, was all set to launch the next phase of his career as a Gordon Ramsey look-alike in fap films when he met his untimely end as a badger snack.

Of course, it could just be a gag.