Rick Perry Pledges to Increase Size of Government, Spend Taxpayer Dollars

Bowing to the pressure of special interest groups, Rick Perry signed National Organization for Marriage’s anti-marriage pledge, joining fellow GOP hopefuls Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney in their promise to increase the size of government by creating

a presidential commission on religious liberty;

spending taxpayer dollars by sending a

a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the states for ratification;

and by defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court. Additional government spending will be required to

“advance legislation to return to the people of the District of Columbia their vote on marriage.”

How un-Republican. It is horrifying that the GOP candidates for president are groveling for the votes of extremists and vowing to appoint judges that will legislate from the bench. I am shocked, absolutely shocked!

Late Night: Religions Do the Right thing in Alabama. And Then There’s Michele Bachmann’s Faith

Gods bless the churches in Alabama where leaders of Episcopal, Methodist and Roman Catholic churches, representing 338,000 Alabama residents, filed suit Monday to block enforcement of the state’s new immigration law, claiming it prevents free exercise of religion. The Southern Poverty Law Center has also filed a suit opposing the law.

The law, signed by Governor Robert Bentley on June 9 and set to go into effect September 1, broadens police powers, requiring local authorities to identify illegal immigrants. Alabama is the fifth state to enact legislation which

requires police officers to verify the immigration status of anyone they stop and suspect may be in the U.S. illegally. Businesses must use a federal database called E-Verify to determine whether job applicants are eligible to work. In addition, the measure makes it a crime to rent housing to illegal immigrants.

Bishop Robert J. Baker of the Birmingham Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Alabama said in a statement that the law:

interferes with the biblical imperative of hospitality which our churches have adopted and encoded in various documents of governance. It aims to shut the doors of our churches and social ministries, against our wills, to a whole class of people, denying them access to such basic human needs as food, clothing, shelter, and, most importantly, worship of God.

It was lack of hospitality which lead to the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah

And in other religion news, lots of Americans are just ignorant, according a poll conducted by Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with Religion News Service.

Most Americans (56 percent) say it’s important for a candidate to have strong beliefs, even if those beliefs differ from their own…Yet the religious groups most firmly behind this point — white evangelicals (73 percent) and ethnic minority Christians (74 percent) — often falter when asked about politicians’ religions.

For instance, 44 percent of white evangelicals know that Romney is a Mormon. At the same time, more than eight in 10 evangelicals say Mormon religious beliefs greatly differ from their own.

And while only one in three Americans can identify President Obama’s sect of Christianity (oh come on that’s splitting hairs, since he is currently an “unaffiliated Christian” and a former member of the United Church of Christ; seriously, what sect did Reagan belong to? Bush 1? Ford?), 18% still think the President is a Muslim!

In other findings:

At a little more than 70 percent, Republicans and Tea Party members are significantly more likely than Democrats (51 percent) to say it’s important for a presidential candidate to have strong religious beliefs. Tea Party members (46 percent) are even more likely than Republicans as a whole (38 percent) to say it is “very” important for a candidate to have strong religious beliefs.

Gary Scott Smith, an expert on presidential religions at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, told Religious News Service that white evangelicals

are going to be more likely to vote Republican, even if the party nominates someone who isn’t known for strong faith commitments. And if they don’t recognize that Romney’s a Mormon by now, then you wonder how attuned they are to politics anyway.

He added that

Americans have traditionally elected presidents who use religious language and seek divine guidance, especially when grappling with the moral conflicts of the day, provided that their beliefs are relatively mainstream and don’t conflict with national security.

And then there’s this–

—White evangelicals are the group most likely to say they don’t know what Bachmann’s beliefs are (51 percent), even though she attends a Baptist church, and only 35 percent say she has similar religious beliefs to them. [Thank gods on the latter!]

Kelsey Grammer Plays Mayor on TV, Wants Real Life Political Gig

Kelsey Grammer plays the mayor of Chicago in his new TV series Boss, set to air in September, so what better way to promote the upcoming Starz drama that by doing an interview saying he’s interested in running for office (See it works–we’re writing about it!).

Grammer is a hardline conservative–his ex-wife claims Fox News killed their sex life– who supported Rudi Guilani as a nominee for president, then traveled with John McCain during the 2008 election and the major investor in Rightnetwork, a small cable network that launched last September which my satellite carrier doesn’t have. Does yours? Their slogan

All that’s Right with the world.

Though he is cagey about declaring when he will run, and for what office, Grammer certainly has the baseline qualifications for a political campaign. Along with a personal fortune estimated at $100 million, the Thurston Howell III-voiced thespian admitted to the New York Post that he has a

narcissistic personality

and a

resilient ego.

These came in handy when Grammer promoted Right Network’s Right to Laugh which

proves funny people and funny things come from both sides of the aisle.

Sadly, this stumble was not scheduled.

Oklahoma First Daughter’s Pseudo GaGa Video Back Online!


She’s back! Christina Fallin-Bacon’s “fashion” video for Twenty-Something magazine’s Girl of the Month feature was yanked last night. But thanks to some enterprising webgeek, we can now view Fallin-Bacon, daughter of Oklahoma’s own first woman governor–and staunch conservative–Mary Fallin (rhymes with Palin), in all her GaGa-esque glory as she frolics in the governor’s mansion!

Fallin’s motto is “Faith, Family, and Freedom,” and newlywed Christina Fallin-Baconcertainly exemplifies her mom’s motto:  Daughter = “family;” dancing in a transparent dress in the Governor’s Mansion=”freedom;” and “faith” — in her looks. Oh golly, I hope Christina tries to be a reality teevee star!

Romney/Obama: Alec Baldwin Wonders What’s Missing

On Sunday actor Alec Baldwin commented upon Mitt Romney’s

Ken doll appeal

In today’s essay on HuffPo, Baldwin clarifies that he didn’t call Romney a Ken doll, rather he was referring

to that iconic retail figure to highlight those types that are lean of frame and square jawed, like Romney, who seem to hold the public’s attention more easily.

He ends the essay with

Obama is lean of frame and square of jaw and loves his country, too. Obama and Romney even share some opinions on matters of urgent domestic policy. Yet, in some people’s eyes, Obama lacks something. I wonder what that could be?

Kinda like the old joke about Ken:

Missing something, can’t quite put my finger on it.



[photo: creative commons, M. Kasahara]

Mitt Romney Takes a Page From “The Godfather”


Does this line in Mitt Romney’s New Hampshire speech

In America, anything is possible

sound familiar? Well gee, in 2008  during the pre-inaugural concert  Obama said

Anything is possible in America

during his speech on the steps of the Lincoln memorial.  Close, but not quite.

Presidential hopeful Romney’s New Hampshire words came from another source, the iconic American film The Godfather Part II:

Michael, these things are unimportant. Who should be the
manager of a dime store, Joe or Jack? Unimportant. You do what
you think is right. You’re a young man, and I’m old and sick. What we
do together in the next few months will be history, Michael; it has
never been done before. We will do this historical thing together, and
even your Father could never dream it would be possible. We are
bigger than U.S. Steel, you and me… because in America, anything
is possible!
[emphasis mine]

I wonder which Presidential hopeful will use this line:

Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party Endorses…uh…whut? Oh, Nevermind

(Willie Nelson finds Nirvana)


Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party was formed last November after the singer was arrested for pot possession. The goal of the party is support candidates who think the way the Teappotters to do. Which pretty much means legalizing marijuana.

Just three days ago Willie Nelson endorsed former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as the GOP nominee; Johnson admits to smoking pot and is pro-legalization. Heck Johnson even attended a bunch of pro- hemp and pot rallies across the country! Non of this “I never inhaled,” namby-pambyism from him.

But then–after Willie endorsed and Johnson sent out an acceptance quote and it was all over the media, Willie changed his mind. Instead, he told campaign advisers, he likes Dennis Kucinich for president.

Nelson now says

I think I will wait and see where he [Johnson] stands on other things. My bad. Sorry. I still think he is a good guy but so is Dennis and if he decided to run I would personally vote for him. If it came down to either him or Gary I’m already committed to Dennis. They both have said they support legal pot…This will blow over and the world moves on. No harm done. We sound like a bunch of pot smokers, that’s all…The more I get into politics the more I realize that I am a guitar player.

The presidential election is more than just a one-issue race. And while the Teapot Party might want to take a page from corporations by backing a candidate form each party, in the end endorsing a candidate is a serious business which requires more than just a a bong’s worth of thought.


[HT: Celeb Stoner]

Late Night: Exclusive! First Celebrity Backscatter Scan! And Willow Drops the Fa***t Bomb on Facebook

It was only a matter of time before some celebrity’s Naked Airport Machine scan was saved by TSA and uh sent to the media, in this case me.  Guess which star is below the fold!


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