John McAfee, the anti-computer virus pioneer who went all Colonel Kurtz/rave gangsta in the jungles of Belize experimenting with extreme drugs, boinking young girls, and allegedly murdering his neighbor, was captured in Guatemala because some noob journo with an iPhone forgot to scrub the geo-data before uploading the photo. Oops. (Or maybe it was a vast conspiracy!)

Anyway, now that he’s in jail, McAfee–who is prolific blogger and blames his arrest on officials in Belize who have it in for him (nothing to do with drug experiments and boinking young girls, let alone allegedly murdering his neighbor since according to McAfee that was a set-up, or something)–has proved he really must be innocent. Because he sold the TV and film rights to his story to a production company, and issued this statement:

My most heartfelt thank you goes to Impact Future Media and Cartoon Monkey Studio. Their dedication to the truth is very uncommon in the world we live in today. I am now, and will always be, grateful to their organizations.

So, who would you cast as McAfee? Robert Downey, Jr.? Sean Penn? Christian Bale? (McAfee is kind of like American Psycho’s Patrick Bates after too long at Burning Man!). Matthew McConaughey? Gerard Butler? Josh Brolin? Maybe go age-appropriate with John Malkovich or Sam Butler?

Title ideas?

Goin’ Viral
Belize Me
Jungle Innocence
Thirty Day Free Trial: The John McAfee Story
Running in the Background