Robert Rodriguez’s MACHETE Has Some Cinco de Mayo Words for AZ

UPDATE: Despite Robert Rodriguez wanting this spread everywhere, 20th Century Fox yanked it off YOUTube. You can still watch it here

A very special Cinco de Mayo card to Arizona from director Robert Rodriguez, starring Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan,  Don Johnson,  Cheech Marin and Danny Trejo as the title character Machete.


Hey Arizona, Don’t Fuck With This Mexican… MACHETE has some Cinco De Mayo words for you!!!…Rodriguez is calling this his “Illegal” trailer. You see, Robert talked Fox into letting him put together a Cinco De Mayo message for ARIZONA – given. Well, the way things are in Arizona at this moment – it is kinda insane that there is a movie that was shot over a year ago waiting to be released that is about – THIS EXACT ISSUE… but if, Danny Trejo and buddies went Revolution Wacko as a result.

Make no bones about it, this is a pure Mexploitation film, but like real exploitation at its height, that shit was pulled straight out of the headlines, even sometimes slightly before the headlines were the headlines. Frankly – that’s just kinda cool. We’ve all known about this silly fun project of Robert’s for a while, but then… an entire fucking state just goes fucking nuts

Look Out, Arizona, We’ll Be Wearing the Gringo Mask

So Kelvez and I now have the perfect disguise to cross the border into Arizona: The Gringo Mask. If we’re wearing Gringo Masks, I  doubt we’ll be spotted as a “Canadian” and a brown person immediately, allowing us to mingle with the locals and get their viewpoints on AZ SB 1070, before switching into our alternative guises as furriners to test out the enforcement.

The Gringo Mask is simple and easy to make and use, per their webpage. Here’s my not-so-great Spangeleno translation:

The objective of this action is to support and dignify our Hispanic community, with the firm idea of going out and facing the Arizona Senate Bill 1070. Proud of where we came from, what we are and do for this country, go out into the street and erase all the stereotypes. Wear the gringo mask and see.