The BBC reports the scientists have discovered that binge drinking has a genetic component–has to do with dopamine.  And hot on heels of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge’s royal puking, a British porcelain company has launched a mug celebrating the cause of Her Royal Highness’ hyperemesis gravidarum.

Scientists believe some people have a gene that hard-wires them for binge drinking by boosting levels of a happy brain chemical triggered by alcohol. The gene – RASGRF-2 – is one of many already suggested to be linked with problem drinking, PNAS journal reports.The King’s College London team found animals lacking the gene had far less desire for alcohol than those with it. Brain scans of 663 teenage boys showed those with a version of the gene had heightened dopamine responses in tests….

When the researchers later contacted the same boys at the age of 16 and asked them about their drinking habits, they found the boys with the ‘culprit’ variation on the RASGRF-2 gene drank more frequently.

But binge drinking isn’t the cause of Kate’s clutching the throne. Nope she’s preggers. And within hours of the announcement,

a Staffordshire pottery firm said it was already starting work on a commemorative mug. The Emma Bridgewater firm, in Stoke-on-Trent, started to produce the blue, red and white mugs, which say, “A royal baby in 2013″, on Tuesday morning.

The company said it also planned to produce another with the baby’s name to mark the birth.

What should the baby be named? Tradition holds that they have the name of a past monarch, preferably one in good standing. Oliver (as in Cromwell) is a non-starter. Diana, oh my. That would be rich. I am hoping for Dagobert or Hagar. Here’s a list of projected popular names for 2013.  What suggestion do you have?