While Megadeath frontman Dave Mustaine’s endorsement of Santorum sounded like an elaborate troll with the punchline of

Who doesn’t  like anal lube in their feces?

sadly it was not.  But there’s no need to wonder about Kid Rock, whose song “Born Free” has been used by Mitt Romney as a rally opener. Kid Rock showed up on stage at the Royal Oak Tree Theater for a Mitt Romney event and was introduced by the GOP candidate.  Unfortunately Mitt didn’t quote the lyrics of the song to describe Kid Rock as

Wild like an untamed stallion

or vice versa which would have been mildly amusing. Nope, Mittens simply called Kid Rock

“a guy who makes great music…a guy who introduces me by DVD everywhere I go

The musician performed an acoustic solo version “Born Free” and walked offstage without offering any commentary. Zzzzzz.