Late Night: Armageddon Tired of this Mayan Apocalypse. Now Everyone’s Gone to the Movies. Or Santacon!


NASA continues to peer into the future, claiming that the world did not end on 12.21.12. We’ll address that on 12.22.12. If we’re here. Meanwhile, I got email from JP Sottile at newsvandal with whom I have an ongoing tinfoil millinery competition:

the real question is whether or not A.I. was a secret endorsement of the mayan apocalypse and if nasa is getting back at kubrick ex post facto? joel haley osment is the catalyst for a mayan ragnarok

Why would NASA want to get back at Kubrick? Well, pull out your tinsel top hat and settle in for what I put JP through the other night, bwhahhaha! Seems that, according to conspiracy theorist film geeks, while Kubrick was making 2001: A Space Odyssey, he was also faking the moon landing, and he felt so guilty about it that he later tipped everyone off in The Shining, if you can just find at the clues. And to make it easy for you, there’s a video that lays it all out. (It’s an hour long, so here’s the short TL/DW version):

 A.I. was originally developed by Kubrick beginning in the mid-1970s. Despite the growth in technology over the decades, Kubrick felt that neither computer generated effects nor child actors were good enough to portray the character of David, so he handed it over to Steven Spielberg in 1995, and it was only after Kubrick’s death in 1999 that the project gained momentum and was finally made. A.I. was released in 2001 with Haley Joel Osment as David.


Meanwhile, Martin Scorsese will be directing a documentary about Bill Clinton for HBO. Suggested titles:

Hillary Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
New York! New York!
Last Temptation of Clinton
The President of Comedy


And once again Santacon took to the streets! This annual tradition, begun in 1995 in San Francisco, features  people in cities around the world dressing up as Santa and acting like slightly better-behaved Krampuses (Krampi?), thereby creating Santarchy.

Here’s a look at the first Santacon, a 39 minute mini-doc in glory days before TSA took away the airport fun, and their recent exploits in Los Angeles:

the East Village

and San Francisco


And if you love Santa, or sci-fi, on Monday December 24, we’ll be celebrating the 200th movie of Firedoglake Movie Night with Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, a special request from my producer Bev who is also the driving force (and heavy-lifter)  behind FDL Book Salons. You can watch the full version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians FREE here.


Occupy LA Day 14: Sunny Friday

It was surreal today to watch a fashion shoot  in the middle of Occupy LA, but there it was. A collective of Los Angeles designers had a sent a male model down with photographers for a photo shoot.

Meanwhile, last night some of the sprinklers had gone off, and some of the Occupiers got wet, while others had moved to the sidewalk. No one was arrested. In fact no one has been arrested, period.

I was walking by the media tent and got called over to fill in for a minute or two on the Occupy LA livestream which was scary but fun and showed me how hard the gig is and kudos to the folks who do such a good job with it!

Terry the Solar Lady (aka the Sun Goddess) was busy at work in the solar tent planning Saturday’s talent for the big Occupy LA rally and fest at 1 pm on the City Hall lawns, after a march through the financial district which begins at noon at Pershing Square as part of the Global Day of Solidarity. Terry runs a non-profit organization called Power of Green LA:

a collective of organizations and individuals committed to creating Green & Sustainable approaches to Community Outreach, Employment Service, Intervention, Urban Renewal, as well as Emergency Response.

She and her team have set up the whole media tent and the public address system with solar energy. In the meantime  Power of Green LA employs people to install solar panels and trains people to install their own panels, along with running workshops, a food bank, a hip hop collective, and generally making Los Angeles a better place.

There is voter registration and a chess club is now in place. in front of the fountain on the south lawn. And there is a volunteer laundry service! Friday a group of stand up comics brought in by Josh Androsky performed and will be back on Saturday along with much more entertainment including live music from local bands beginning at 1pm at City Hall, plus lots of people to talk with. So come on down!

One of the faux-memes Limbaugh and others have been pushing is that Occupy is anti-Semitic, which is kinda like the left picking one the Tea Party morans who misspell their signs, say racist things, or think the moon landing was faked, or Obama was born in Kenya. There are fringe groups or idiots in every group who are low hanging fruit for the opposition. At Occupy there are some people like the LaRouche-ites who are um, crazy or regurgitating whacked conspiracy theories without bothering to think for a minute about how goofy they are, and how such thinking plays into the hands of the people they are protesting. Some Occupiers despair at Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians.

So I asked a lady visitor who was chatting with an Occupier and planning to march on Saturday about her thoughts on anti-Semitism at Occupy LA. Here’s what Marsha Steinberg had to say: