“Deuce Bigalow, Amle Gigolo” Won’t Make Movies in CA Because of Democrats

Saturday Night Live alum and rarely funny actor Rob Schneider says he hasn’t made a movie in California in seven years because

we’re not being competitive. I own a vitamin company with my friend and we moved out of state because of overregulation. It isn’t helping businesses.

Prius–driving, vitamin-making Schneider, who is easily confused with Pauly Shore, appeared in a short video with Republican gubernatorial hopeful, California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and Politichicks reporter Ann-Marie Murrell  and had this to say about his home state:

The state of California is a mess,  and the supermajority of Democrats is not working. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat and I have to switch over because it no longer serves the people of this great state. We need to have a new voice. We need to have a new direction, and we need to break the supermajority. It isn’t helping with jobs.

And in case you missed the Deuce Bigalow and other Schneider oeuvres, and you’re wondering who Rob Schneider is, I’ve included a video compilation of his top ten movies.  Enjoy.

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Late Night: Movies vs Real Life, WTF? They’ll Be Back

(The reason for this video will be apparent shortly)

The last few days I’ve been at the Newport Beach Film Fest and saw some great documentaries. Also saw A Kiss for Jed Wood, an Irish film, a sweet coming-of-middle-age-movie written by one old friend, directed by another and starring my ex-husband, which is how life sorta shakes out.

Meanwhile, Oscar winning director Kathyrn Bigelow and her Hurt Locker collaborator Mark Boale were developing a $20 million movie Kill Bin Laden based on the 2001 failed black ops mission. Oops, whatever, next? Or will the team rewrite and revise? And there are other OBL movies being tossed around, though we all know how it ends.

And movie/real life gets weirder: Are you sitting down? Terminator 5 is being shopped with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attached in a starring role.

In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, John Conner, Kate Brewster and the Terminator were all still alive, so Ahnuld could live up to the series’ catch phrase. A few weeks ago the ex-gov told the Los Angeles Times:

I can step very comfortably into the entertainment world and do an action movie with the same violence that I’ve always done. I can have the same amount of heads coming off — and any other body parts — and as far as that goes, I don’t blink.

Does that mean he’ll do his own stunts? Maybe. More like, he didn’t get to do enough scorched-earth, kill ‘em all while in office, and since he’ll never get to blow stuff up as President, he’ll just get his rocks off on film (and hopefully filming in CA cuz we need the work!). Supposedly his next project is Cry Macho, a drama about a horse trainer who kidnaps his boss’ son.

But Terminator 5, with Schwarzenegger attached as the sparkly thing, is being shopped with no script. That’s right. No plot. It’s beyond Snakes on a Plane. Maybe it should be an existential, improvisational action film, John Cassavetes meets Michael Bay. And plot predictions/suggestions?

Maybe T5 and Bigelow’s Kill Bin Laden with a new ending could combine with Arnold’s cartoon project The Governator, featuring his voice and likeness… Yes, you read that right.

CA Potheads: Vote! There’s More on the Ballot than Marijuana.

So now everyone who wishes to vote in California has registered, the legislative analyses have been mailed out and it’s time to get down to srs bsns.

Californians, it is really important to vote in this election. So fill out your mail-in ballot and leave it for the postperson if you think you can’t manage to get to the polls (gods know I am fairly langurous and prefer the simple stamp to actually leaving the house.)  There are some important races on the ballot, and if you don’t vote, you really need need to STFU about how things are being run.

Okay, along with the gubernatorial and senate races, there’s Prop 19 which should be enough to get you to the polls, ye slackers, stoners, and sybarites!  Politics make strange and sometimes hot bedfellows: There are non-smokers who are yes supporters;  wake’n'bakers who are no;  medical/215 clients and casual users who have divergent views yea vs nay; and people who are still trying to figure out what “space” with regards to a minor means–and if  passing out pot brownies at a party constitutes “personal use.”

Whether or not you are voting for legalizing pot because you are appalled at the way the war on drugs is being run and want the state to have some cash; or against it because of the patchwork of jurisdictional laws and  potential environment impact of acres of indoor growing  on non-renewable resources, figure out what works for you and go vote.

If Prop 19, which is ahead in the polls passes, United States Attorney General Eric Holder is gonna crack down in Cali. Hopefully medical won’t be impacted. I hear the cry across the land

Oh noes I’m a on list!

Prop 19 will feel the effect of whoever is elected as State Attorney General, a post now held by gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

Well,  Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley who is running as the Republican candidate is really opposed to CA’s 215 medical marijuana business, and even more so to Prop 19. Earlier this month, he told an audience at a UC Davis debate:

I really am strongly opposed to Proposition 19 for many reasons. I would be inclined to advise that it is unconstitutional and pre-empted by federal law.
Cooley stood with LA County Sheriff Lee Baca–IMO a hypocrite who has co-signed the thuggish cult of Scientology for decades, riding on their parade  floats and speaking at their events, despite the cult’s  clear cut violations of human rights, child labor laws, and basic human decency–on Friday October 15 when Baca said Prop 19 was superseded by federal law and if passed, would be found unconstitutional.
Proposition 19 is not going to pass, even if it passes.
As Los Angeles County District Attorney, Cooley cracked down on dispensaries from the time of the passage of 215 on. He doesn’t like pot, he doesn’t like pot being sold. And goodness knows what he would do to 215, but maybe I am just being all Cassandra on the walls of Troy again. Like I was about Holder and the Feds.
Candidate Kamala Harris–former San Francisco District Attoney whose endorsements were plastered all over HempCon by both the for and against 19 pot advocates and, per UC Davis School of Law Dean Kevin Johnson
sees herself as an attorney general who will focus on issues not just involving crime and law enforcement, per se, but also issues of environmental justice, protecting consumers and more broad issues
–took a more cautious approach on Prop 19 at the UC Davis  debate.
I believe that if it were to pass, it would be incumbent on the attorney general to convene her top lawyers and the experts on constitutional law to do a full analysis of the constitutionality of that measure … and what action, if any, should follow.
Prop 19 comes down to states’ rights, as by the way, so does AZ Prop 1070. As with AZ 1070 expect Constitutional challenges. The Drug Enforcement Agency anticipates suing if Prop 19 passes.
What will be fascinating if Prop 19 passes–and it is eight points ahead in the polls, with the LA Weekly Dennis Romero pointing about that Holder’s remarks:
Way to piss off Californians so much that we might actually pass this thing…Kiss our Golden State ass.

–is that potentially Tea Party/states rights/militia types and libertarians could cuddle up with liberals, libertines and hippies to fight for an elected initiative that runs contrary to Federal policy. Sit back, order in pizza, and start the pop corn, it’s a smoking Constitutional cause and democracy’s finest hour. Dude.

Let’s All Say Whore!

I got a little bristly when national NOW President Terry O’Neill declared that that anyone in Jerry Brown’s office who

from here on

calls a woman a whore should be fired after the epithet tumbled from a staffer’s mouth during a discussion about gubernatorial opponent Meg Whitman.

Oh puh-leeze, whore is not gender specific, so to think whore to be wicked, applied only to a woman is a bit off. Hey, it’s a living, the world’s oldest. And if the round heels fit, wear ‘em!

Well thank goodness for California NOW President Parry Bellasalma who today told TPM in response to a question that it’s an accurate statement to describe Meg Whitman as a political whore.

TPM’s question was in reference to a Daily Caller story about the NOW endorsement. That story read:

Bellasalma said that while calling Whitman a “whore” was a poor choice of words, the description was accurate. “The very troubling issue that is embedded in that call is what prompted the description of Meg as a ‘whore’ is basically that she sold out Californians for an endorsement and a $450,000 independent expenditure campaign,” she said.

A whore is a whore is whore.

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