OpBART 6: Anonymous Protesters Will Take to the Trains, New GM Willing to Talk

OpBART 6 is gearing up to start in under an hour, with protesters saying they’ll pay the fee and board the trains. Meanwhile, BART’s new General Manager Grace Crunican, told SFGate:

I am open to meeting with anybody who wants to meet with me – protesters included.

While No Justice No BART has a spokesperson, Krystoph, Anonymous is far more difficult. A leaderless group–that’s why one of their logos is a suit with question mark in place of head–they don’t have a spokesperson. Granted, individuals who act a/Anonymously during protests could schedule a meeting with Grace Crunican and give their opinion about what should be done, but even within NAonymous there is not a unified plan.
The Anonymous demands, compiled through internet communication and posted on YourAnonNews are:

1. We want the BART PD DISBANDED completely.  BART has no reason to have a police “force” at all, HIRE flashlight security if you please.

2. We still WANT a public apology for the shutting down of the Cell Service.

3. Reopen the investigation to the killing of Charles Hill.

4. Fire Linton Johnson and BART Chief Kenton Rainey.

These are our new demands, and we will protest every MONDAY at 5Pm until our demands are met.  We will not be scared into ceasing our protest.  We will expose everything ion our power to expose everything you do wrong WE are watching.

But there are some Anons who have slightly variant opinions. Some would like the police retrained and armed only with tasers and batons. And retrained. Did we mentioned retrained? So maybe “reorganized” works better than “disband,” since frankly I like feeling safe on public transport, and don’t trust my fellow passengers to do the right thing. But every negotiation needs to start somewhere.

Apologize: Yes, for gods’ sakes, for the Bay Area’s sakes, please apologize. Then act to make changes.

An investigation into the the shooting of Charles Hill is needed.

Firing Linton Johnson is a given. He embarrassed the agency  by shutting off cell phone service which is what created these ongoing protests and drew global attention to BART’s behavior–including the shooting death of Charles Hill which had stayed a fairly local matter until cellphones went dead; by misrepresenting the Constitution; by trying to stage a fake press conference with shills; and by saying he’d shut off cellphone service again if need be.

Were I to sit down down with Ms. Crunican, firing Linton Johnson is a definite must-be-done. Buh-bye, Linton, you’re a moran.

Firing the BART’s chief of police: See above.

I am hardly anonymous. My name is easy to see. But like every concerned citizen, I’m willing to drop Ms. Curnican an email.




Anonymous Exposes BART Exec Linton Johnson Over Cellphone Shutdown

Linton Johnson, BART's man with a big, bad idea

Sexytime goes public for BART spokeshole Linton Johnson! Anonymous claims they were sent photos of the dapper talking head whose words have enraged free speech activists. Some photos were available on Linton Johnson’s open to the public Facebook page, since made private, while others were on his me.com page. Anonymous are circulating them on Twitter. One Anon tweeted:

Im exactly as worried about Lintons privacy as he was about everyones civil rights. In other words not at all.

I’ve seen 14 pictures and some are pretty embarrassing: Linton Johnson in a tee shirt reading STIFF pulling down his red  shorts to reveal his manhood (actually, most men would be proud to have that chunk of flesh, but like, he was dropping drawers in a large group); Linton Johnson mugging and dancing for the camera while in a bar on vacation in Australia; and the most embarrassing of all, Linton Johnson making a cute face wearing a STUD tee shirt and an ugly pink, plastic beaded veil. Seriously, wtf on that fashion choice?

Anonymous has singled out Linton Johnson for his high-handed actions in the August 11 suspension of cellphone service, the first time a government agency in the United States blocked telecommunications service in an attempt to hamper a protest. Anonymous is  demanding Linton Johnson’s resignation, along with that of BART’s chief of police Kenton Rainey.

Linton Johnson claims responsibility for coming up with the epic fail idea to shutdown BART’s platform and train car cellphone service on August 11 to prevent protests. Wired reports:

“It came to me in the middle of the morning,” Johnson said, referring to the idea hours before BART authorities unplugged underground antennas at its four downtown stations during the rush-hour commute. “I sent it to the police department and they said they liked it. They started vetting it.”

Then Linton Johnson went on vacation, returning three days early to deal with the first #opBART Anonymous organized protest.

Linton Johnson has few things to learn about the Internet, like anything you email out can be sent to someone else; and your photos aren’t private if you post them to Facebook and don’t click “friends-only”. (UPDATE Linton Johnson made his FB account private after this post was published).

And Linton Johnson definitely needs to study up on the Constitution. Here are  Linton Johnson’s choice comments on our Constitutional rights:

They made us choose between people’s ability to use their mobile phones (and) their constitutional right to get from point A to point B

a Constitutional right to safety.

No, Linton Johnson, there is no clause in the Constitution that states there is a “right to get from point A to point B” or a “right to safety.”

And, Linton Johnson, it looks like the FCC thinks your idea was a bad one. FCC Commissioner said that BART’s critics have

a valid point.

BART board president Bob Franklin said at today’s special meeting the cell phone service suspension

wasn’t about silencing protesters

which appears to be a contradiction of  Linton Johnson’s brilliant idea and comments from BART police lieutenant Andy Alkire who said, shutting off cellphone service in anticipation of a protest was :

a great tool to utilize for this specific purpose

If the purpose of shutting off cell service was not to silence protesters who might use cellphones to coordinate, then why was service shut down? For their safety? How does not having phone service make you safer?
Linton Johnson, the architect of this mess, should step down: He is an embarrassment to BART. And not because he dresses stupidly on vacation.

photo from Anonymous, via Twitter

Anonymous States Goals in #OpBART

On Wednesday at 9am, BART will hold a public meeting to discuss the shutdown of cell phone service at BART platforms and on trains. The meeting will live stream and you can watch it here.

Anonymous has stated its goals/demands, and they are very reasonable. Once met, the protests will stop. The next round of protests is scheduled for Monday August 29.  The protest on Monday August 22 drew between 80 and 100 people; the San Francisco police arrested 40 people, some of whom were journalists, who were released after they were able to prove that they were members of the Fourth Estate.

Here’s the Anonymous statement, expect to hear part or all of it at tomorrow’s BART board of directors meeting:

We are Anonymous, over the past two weeks we have proven that we stand by what we believe…We have stated and will keep our promise of a protest EVERY week until our demands are met. Since these demands have not reached the BART board of directors yet, we will remind you of what we want in order to stop our protest:

1. Fire Linton Johnson and BART Chief Kenton Rainey.

2. Mandate new training for all BART officers.

3. Publicly apologize to the people for shutting down cell service.

4. Take the guns away from the BART police.

5. Reopen the investigation to the killing of Charles Hill.

Not only will these demands make the public feel more safe riding the BART system, but it will also ensure that BART is taking active steps to correcting it’s mistakes.

So now that we have made ourselves clear, we will continue with #OpBART every week until our demands are met.

We will see you Next Monday the 29th, 2011 Outside the civic center at 5pm.

We are Anonymous,

We are legion,

We never forgive,

We never forget,

Expect us.

#opBART Second Protest: Arrests Made, Journalists Detained, Police Use Batons on Protesters


OpBART began the week with another protest at San Francisco BART stations and myBART.org being taken offline to protest the shut off cellphone service on BART out of fear of a demonstration against the shooting of a homeless man by BART police, the second fatal shooting by BART officers in two years. There was a high turn out of both BART police and SFPD in riot gear, and from photos and video there appeared to be five officers to every protester.

According to SF Appeal, the majority of protestors did not wear Guy Fawkes masks, though some were barely clad. Civic Street Station was closed, and police arrested a man and a  woman at the Civic Center station.

San Francisco Bay Guardian reported:

As a few protesters began to gather, surrounded by dozens of riot police and media, a uniformed BART police officer told a young African American man he would be arrested if he raised his voice. Chanting began in response among the small pack of protesters, and the man was promptly arrested by BART police.

As he was being led off the platform by police, a woman who stood in the center of the platform began verbally engaging a BART officer, saying, “BART police need to be reformed. Make BART Safe. Make BART safe.” She was apparently arrested for nothing more then her words. Deputy BART Police Chief Daniel Hartwig said he could not provide any information about what the arrestees would be charged with.

The SFBG video of arrest is here.

The crowd, estimated between 80-100, outnumbered by police, moved up and down Market Street. Powell Street Station was opened and closed then opened again. The Ferry Building was closed to prevent protesters from entering.  Firecrackers were thrown at the police, and some hooligans pounded on the windows of closed shops. Protesters keep in touch via Twitter.

The crowd chanted

Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!

as they stood  in front the cops. The photo above, of her friend risking a photo, was taken by Vivian Ho who posted it to the #opBART twitter feed. Other video of march here and here.

Some tweets included


4th and Market. Group trying to start fire. Throwing Firecrackers at Police and Crowd? #OPBART-RadioRelay

Garbage cans were knocked over, and trash was thrown. #opBART twitter and Mission Local reported eight arrests. One commuter was briefly detained after he went after a protester, per SFAppeal. He was not arrested.
IndyBay’s twitter feed reported 30 arrests/detentions, including at least one reporter, at 8:43pm local time, and confirmed by the SF Examiner’s twitter feed. One of those arrested  around 8:45pm was Mission Local blogger Helene Goupil. Mission Local provided live feed to this protest and last week’s. UPDATE: Mission Local’s Helen Groupil was “detained.” She tweeted at midnight:

Thx for the tweets everyone, I was able to show police my business card and was let go #opbart #mlnow
Others arrestees reported via Twitter that they were booked and released.
The journalists tweeted that they were released after showing police their webpages:
This one’s simple: Last week Bay Area Rapid Transit shut off cell service to stifle protests of a killing by transit police.  We’ve seen officials across the globe threaten and take similar actions: from dictators trying to cling to power in the Middle East, to Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, to Joe Lieberman and his Internet Kill Switch legislation.
It’s time to draw a line in the sand: Please sign our petition condemning BART, encouraging the Federal Communications Commission to investigate, and warning other public agencies that we won’t tolerate censorship.
AT 9pm, this was posted to #YourAnonNews and #opBART which also warned against a tweeter under the handle of Nov5 who was acting as an agent provocateur on the Twitter feed. Protesters were also urged to move away from anyone acting disruptively.
Most were cited for failing to disperse or illegally blocking traffic. Police spokesman Albie Esparza said no vandalism was reported in connection with the demonstration, but police did confiscate a hammer from one demonstrator.
Anonymous promises more protests on Monday August 29 beginning at 5pm.
photo 1: VivianHo, via  Twitter to #opBART.
photo 2: Anon Medics! Jay@pghTiger via Twitpics
video 1: Mission Local