Arrivals are on ABC at 4pm West Coast/7pm East and also an E!  Our Oscar ceremony live blog begins at 5:30/8:30pm in a new post where we’ll be updating the winners.

First off, the Academy Awards now want to be known as the Oscars, which I think is a weird change in tradition, but kids these days! I am very excited though that Seth McFarlane will be hosting–he’s smart, funny, hip and edgy enough, yet aware enough of the Hollywood game and players not to be a moran like James Franco.

This year along with live blogging, I’m also having a party and some of the guests will be chiming in, with pot luck food themed to the nominees: For Argo, Persian sour cherry rice and Persian cucumbers for a variety of Middle Eastern dips, which cover more of the nominees. For Life of Pi, we have both Indian food and an apple pie  (plus apples for Snow White and the Huntsman). Zero Dark Thirty comes in with a friend’s birthday cake: It’s round, chocolate and at some point we’re all 30! For Frankenweenie, I have fancy pigs in a blanket which I am food coloring green.

Plus of course a loaf of bread for Les Miserables! And just for ggigles, the obligatory ham and cheese casserole (classy ham–prosciutto–plus foreign cheese), which covers anything you’d like to think it does.  I’ll link to Facebook photos in the comments so you can see what arrives.

Speaking of arrivals, these came for me! They are about 3 feet high!

So let’s settle in and discuss the dresses and shoes, the jewels and the hair (facial and ladies’), and enjoy.  Please remember to refresh your browser so you can see new  comments.

Is your tiara in place?