Ooooh, somebody’s in trouble in the Alaska governor’s office. Well, actually pretty much everyone’s in trouble at the Palins, especially after Gram Johnson got caught with the Oxy-unclean.

Hey, why hasn’t Bristol had her junior goalie yet, or is the blessed event being held off for Xmas to prove a point? Pro tip–doubtful Bristol’s a virgin. 

So, it’s come out that Palin dissed out national treasure Poppy Bush, or in that classic boss dodge, "Never got the message."  Former Prez Bush, George 41, called Palin’s office to congratulate her for getting the  VP nod. And she didn’t call him back! Rude! Maybe she got caught up in reading all the newspapers and magazines…or taking calls from "real" presidents like Nicolas Sarkozy.

But then the former president rang up after the election to commiserate, and once again, Sarah couldn’t be bothered to take the call.  Chivalrous Poppy referred to it as "staff error" to US News’ source, who reported that the former president "seemed perplexed" about the matter.

A Palin aide says Caribou Barbie never got the messages:

At this time, we are not aware of any attempts by President Bush to get in touch with the governor, but again, she would be honored to receive a call.

Expect no bonuses, or even the standard holiday gift of moose burgers.