James Franco’s Occult Experience (NSFW Video!)

Actor/musician/scholar/curator/bon-vivant/flâneur/bohemian/author James Franco is at it again, caressing the occult and hoping it won’t snap back. In December, Franco was supposed to be the vessel for the invocation of the Martial force of Bartzabel in a ritual designed by that great mage Aleister Crowley and performed by hip occultist Brian Butler. Only Franco didn’t show (he allegedly missed his flight), and clearly Bartzabel didn’t either, since the Not-James-Franco-Actor recited the exact same same lines from Crowley’s original work with rehearsed, overwrought precision which kinda made me wonder if this had all been a bait and switch. The event had great set dressing though, and featured Twilight: New Moon actress Noot Seear as one of the acolytes.

Now Franco’s back in the magick mode, directing two videos of the remixed song “Love in the Old Days” (which is blandly catchy) from his band Daddy that are loaded with occult imagery and are NSFW. Again, these videos are NSFW because of naked breasts. These NSFW videos feature ritual elements, Baphomet, esoteric images, and one of occultism’s few living legends, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, author of Hollywood Babylon and the guy who taught Anita Pallenberg how to nail a frog to cross, per author Tony Sanchez’s Up and Down with the Rolling Stones. And naked breasts.

Franco’s use of masked figures call to mind The Wicker Man (and David Icke’s fear of shape-shifting, flesh-eating reptiles who are allegedly the Royal family). But it remains to be seen if they’ll upset One Million Moms and Focus on the Family with their devilistic intent  and naked breasts.

(And btw the LA Times just wishes Franco would go away)

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Gay-Friendly Pepsi Faces Wildmon Challenge

Domald Wildmon’s conservative homo-hatin’ AFA is at it again. That dodo  is pissed at PepsiCo because the soda company gave $500,000 to PFLAG and another $500K to the Human Rights Campaign. And to add insult to injury, Dobson he got what he terms a "condescending" letter about the matter from Pepsi’s director of public policy Paul Boykas. Wildmon has worked his Bible into a bunch because the organizations are using the money to:::gasp!::::

help promote homosexuality in the workplace. Pepsi refuses to give money to any pro-family organization that opposes the homosexual agenda. Plus, every homosexual organization we know of is overwhelmingly pro-abortion. 

And Wildmon reports, in bold letters signifying super outrage,:

Pepsi forces all employees to attend sexual orientation and gender identity diversity training where they are taught to accept homosexuality.

Oh noez! Diversity training! Um, Dr Wildmon, as of May, 2008 WalMart has workforce protections in place for transgendered employees which enhances the company’s anti-discrimination guidelines. Why haven’t you started picking on them? And heck, everybody who pays attention to Wildmon better start boycotting Tim McGraw because Fritos, which is a PepsiCo brand, sponsored his tour and gave him his own flavor (Spicy Jalapeno). And y’all gonna burn in hell if you don’t lay off the Gatorade, Mountain Dew and oatmeal, not to mention, stop watching NASCAR, since Jeff Gordon drives the official Pepsi car and Pepsi sponsors NASCAR races.

Wildmon wants his angry followers to sign the boycott pledge, then call and complain about Pepsi’s lack of "neutrality" in the culture wars. So heck, I guess if you feel like it, you can call Pepsi and thank them, using this list Wildmon so kindly compiled. Or just buy some Fritos and a liter bottle of Dew to kick start your blogging.