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February 12, 2013

Late Night: Doggone Cute

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I TiVo’ed the Westminster Kennel Club dog show because Dorner has occupied my TV since noon, but I will be savoring it later tonight, so no spoilers please!  I am a big fan of mutts and mixed breeds, and think it’s ridiculous to pay 1.5 million for a Tibetan Mastiff, as reported on CBS Moneywatch; but they are kinda goofy and cool looking, though the slobber and shed factor seems huge.  But I appreciate the silly names the dogs are given,  like last year’s winning Shar Pei:

And Dorner has distracted me from the State of the Union address as well.  But back to the dog show.  I like a decent-sized dog. I think a 70lb dog is “medium-sized” maybe because I grew up with Great Danes, a father and son pair we were given by a family friend, film director Richard Quine (“Bell Book and Candle”) when he moved from his huge  stone estate on Benedict Canyon to a town house. (We also were given his piano, a  real Tiffany hanging glass lamp, and a painting that hangs in my dining room).

I keep thinking occasionally I want a new dog to replace my beloved Dexter–there are so many dogs that need homes, but I realize that my lifestyle now wouldn’t allow me to devote the time a rescue pooch would need, let alone some million dollar drooler.


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