Where the voice of conservatism went

A lot has been said recently about what caused the collapse of conservatism. Many on the far right actually believe the reason it collapsed was because they didn’t go far enough. This is laughable when you think about how much damage conservatives have done with the power they have gotten. Conservatives lost their voice when most of the policies they support were proven not to work. It wasn’t lack of backbone or liberal spending that killed conservatism. Lets face it was deregulation (smaller government) that caused the finical collapse of the last couple of years. It was open border trading (without regulation) that sent all the manufacturing jobs overseas. It was huge cuts in the capital gains taxes, that caused companies to streamline to the point of laying off thousands of people, while making the CEO rich. These are all conservative ideas that were allowed to happen. Each one was a total disaster. We are working hard to correct the problems this misguided movement has caused.
For the most part conservatives didn’t lose their voice. In fact it was exactly the opposite. The collapse of the conservative movement happened because people listened to them. Once people actually started putting some of their polices in place, they were exposed for what they are. Conservatism is a bunch of policies that seem good in sound bite, but don’t work once they are tested against multiple influences like greed, disproportionate wealth and environmental damage.

This brings me to another topic, I have been meaning to write about. If we all know conservatives almost destroyed America and we elected Barack Obama and a democratic majority to correct the damage they did. Why the hell is Barack Obama even listening to these clowns. He really needs to get off this bipartisan bandwagon and act like a leader. He was elected because we are sick of conservatives doing damage to our once great country. He wont correct the damage by listening to them. He certainly wont maintain his majority in congress, if he keeps bowing to them, as if they are knowledgeable. He needs to start openly mocking them. When people say things like health care reform will result in government death panels you don’t respond intelligently, You laugh! Or better yet just start talking about how important it is to assure mental health coverage for all, as well as physical health care. When people say environmental protection will give foreign countries an edge in global manufacturing, bring up how important it is to make sure we negotiate (environmental) protections in our trade agreements. Every time we allow them to change the things we are doing, to fix the damage they did we lose. It is time to start playing to win instead of trying to make everybody happy. Barack Obama needs to understand he is hated by certain people. Those people will hate him no matter what he does, so just tell them to get out of the way. They lost! They seem to understand they lost and are doing everything they can to subvert his success. He needs to understand he won. He also needs to understand who elected him and it wasn’t a bunch of conservatives. In fact when he ran the conservatives were calling him a terrorist and a foreign agent and all kinds of other nasty stuff. They still are, so stop trying to make nice and start kickin’ some butt!
Stalker Out!

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