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March 16, 2010

Late Night: Census Questions

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So my census form came yesterday and I filled it out and there are some pretty interesting questions. Like how many people live in your house, what are their names, races and relationships to you.  “Unmarried partner ” is a new option. There are lots of options for race (versus ethnicity) available, including “other/fill in.”

Pam’s House Blend points out that this will be the first US Census since the US Department of Energy Human Genome Project announced that race does not exist.

There’s a push in the Taiwanese community to to have members check “other Asian” and fill in “Taiwanese.” I noticed that “Armenian,” a huge segment of my neighborhood population was not an option, though Pakistani was (under Asian).

I actually got a little uncomfortable having to fill out the names of my household members. Like, why? I can see giving up that I have roommate(s) and I sort of understand why “race” question (though what if you are of mixed race?), but why do I need to say their names? How will that help matters?

Oh and I saw The Runaways. It was great.

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