Building Abandoned.Will the last person leaving Organizing for America Hdqtrs please lock the doors.

 At his inauguration, Barack Obama was the owner of a chestful of political capital and the worlds most valuable rolodex.

We know the tragic way he wasted the capital, leaving him impotent to be a player in the midterm elections.

The rolodex, the email addresses of 13 million grassroots supporters should have turned, in any intelligent machine, into the block captains of a concerted pressure group to support the administration’s legislative agenda.

The contests of the first two years should have been calibrated to produce issues for the midterm elections.

Instead, a conscious decision was made to shut down the operation.  The same operation that Prez is currently trying to resurrect, with indifferent success.

Meanwhile, we suffer at every governmental level, from local to state, from the pounding that capital is delivering to labor.

We seriously are feeling the lack of that grass roots pressure group.

At the time the decision was made to shut the operation down, I got an email from Organizing for America  which provoked a somewhat quizzical post that still had the reek of deluded optimism that was rapidly fading during the spring of 2009.

Now it seems ironic.

Obama’s decision to turn his back on community organizing bit us all in the ass. What a putz.



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