Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s Resolutions: Dream Good and Stay Glad

It’s Day 2 of 2014!!

How’s everyone feeling? Are you back at work? Have you set and broken any New Year’s resolutions, yet? Have you made any at all? None?

Well, the folks over at Boing Boing have shared Woody Guthrie’s resolutions (or as he describes them, “Rulin’s”) from 1942/43 and boy did he set the bar extra high.

Not only did the legendary folk musician set 33 resolutions– but his resolutions included things like:

#15 Learn People Better


#20 Dream Good


#31 Love Everybody

It’s not a competition but the most popular resolutions as compiled by usa.gov include losing weight, tackling debt, quitting smoking, and volunteering to help others.

All admirable and formidable resolutions.

But what if we all resolved to just love everybody all the time.

What if we all agreed to just dream good and stay glad.


It’s all easier said than done but there’s something comforting in knowing that win, lose or draw we all collectively entertain this notion of owning our vices in an attempt to overcome them, even if it only happens once a year.

Got any resolutions this year?

Share them in the comments.

Photo by Al Aumuller courtesy the Library of Congress

2 Responses to "Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s Resolutions: Dream Good and Stay Glad"
erik | Thursday January 2, 2014 06:48 pm 1

Well, my resolution is really just that most of all I’m not going to pay attention to the ‘news’ anymore.

The extreme right has such a lock on ‘news’ these days that if I actually look at it, I just find myself becoming very, very angry.
Being angry, especially very, very angry makes thinking difficult and I’ve actually been getting headaches because of it.

Some teabag chick was talking about her ‘new year’ experience today in the breakroom at work. Basically two guys got bit by a pitbull and she and her boyfriend got into a fight.

Then she started rambling on about Fuckeshima and how she thought it might be the end of the world.
This dumb POS doesn’t even realize that even IF Fuckishema was as bad as she thinks, other problems are even worse.
I’m just glad 2013 is finished and I’m pretty sure 2014 will be a new year.

eCAHNomics | Thursday January 2, 2014 06:58 pm 2

Mid-90s NYR published in USAToday: Will not do thankless tasks. If not violated by 1/2, will surely be by 1/4.

However, have done fewer thankless tasks since then.

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