“No Fracking Way” Aussie Rock Anthem

No fracking way! Pop star Leo Sayer scored a huge hit many decades ago with “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” and maintained a steady presence touring and recording. He became an Australian citizen in 2009. Outraged over the way fracking for gas is destroying the nation’s land, water, farming and wildlife, Sayer joined with Aussie pop stars and recorded the anthemic “No Fracking Way” to support the environmental group Lock the Gate. The Newcastle Herald reports Sayer saying:

This is a song I wrote and recorded this year to support the organisation Lock The Gate, who work in opposition to the practice of coal seam gas mining, or fracking as it has come to be known. I don’t know if you have heard about this, but the damage it’s causing to the landscape, environment, wildlife, livestock, flora, and fauna, and indeed humans, is highly evident here in Australia and all around the world. So I’ve joined with a bunch of like-minded fellow Aussies here who are determined to stop this.

While the faces of Australian’s biggest music stars may not be familiar to us in the U.S., the sentiment of the song (and catchy melody) are ones the anti-fracking forces around the globe can relate to.




Here’s Sayer’s big hit, later used in the movie Charlie’s Angels:


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