Punk Rock Hero Johnny Rotten Malibu Home Sold: Asking Price $1.995 Million


Is punk rock dead because Johnny Rotten sold his  four bedroom, three bathroom Malibu home with beach rights at around the asking price just under $2 million?  It was listed as

Needs TLC, sold as-is

which sounds pretty punk rock. Judging from the photos of the interior, Rotten–who has gone by his birth name John Lydon for decades–and his wife, German heiress Nora Forster, may want to hire an interior designer for the next home. Seriously disappointing style. If  meant to be hipster ironic, it missed the mark. The house itself, minus the fixer caveat, sounds pretty nice:

It comes with a pool, beach rights, a big deck, pool with waterfall and spa, pool bar, cabana/gym, fruit trees, and two-car garage plus parking for four more.

I actually like it when punk rockers do well. It’s not selling out, it’s making the most of what you do, and it’s better than starving. Lydon has created great music and has had some fun with image as well, like in this  butter commercial, which helped reunite PIL and get a new album out. But again, John, please consider some decorating help!

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Sharkbabe | Friday December 6, 2013 08:35 pm 1

Well, taste, schmaste, who cares. Old punks who deserve some riches because they did stuff like create the greatest song in the history of the world (God Save the Queen) .. but well .. the fascist regime of existence, does make us all morons in the end ..

Having blathered all that .. so odd watching Johnny selling butter .. [*tv conditioned brain, scratching chin, hmm, possibly good butter?*] ..

meanwhile look at true punk heirs like Pussy Riot truly fucking suffering, for nothing but expression


as fugly as that bedroom is, something about that fug bed blankie makes me want to curl up.

David Paris | Friday December 6, 2013 08:37 pm 2

I loved PIL, Second Edition was incredible, but I can’t say I’d wanna bonk my wife in the same room as Jon Lydon had bonked his ol’ lady! Creepy.

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