F#&k You Congress: New Website Tells Congress What We’ve Been Collectively Muttering Under Our Breath

At this point it’s not a secret, the 113th United States Congress has a remarkable aptitude for perpetually sucking at life and people are noticing and talking back.

Their message?

Fuck you Congress.

Seriously and literally.

In a website that actually lives at www.fuckyoucongress.com- thereby saying what everyone is thinking- the folks of Cultivated Wit tapped into a national sentiment that provides the wronged and angered with a means of getting informed, while also prompting them to channel their sentiments into productive measures.

As described to Huffpost Live, the three-step process goes like this:

“You get angry. You get informed. You get involved.”

That’s right www.fuckyoucongress.com isn’t just a cathartic temper tantrum- though that would also be justified- the site is populated with actual grievances that provide users with a means to get informed about all of the fucked up things caused by the shutdown. Additionally, the site provides a pathway to “do more than fuck around,” inviting users to tweet their representatives or get involved with organizations such  as Common Cause, The Sunlight Foundation and Rootstrikers.

Not pissed off at Congress yet? Check out some of their reasons to say Fuck You below:

Cultivated Wit defines itself as “A collision of comedy and technology bringing good ideas to ‘earth’” and this project does exactly that at a time when the temptation might be to resort to ambivalence in the face of this fuckery.

In a segment on Huffpost Live, Baratunde Thurston and Brian Janosch of Cultivated Wit explain the rationale behind the site, noting that it was inspired by “the worst Congress ever” and stressing that as far as they’re concerned, in a representative democracy a site like this shouldn’t have to exist in the first place.

Janosch notes that “a big part of what we’re trying to do is use comedy as an entry point” with the hopes of sparking a more knowledgeable public armed with the tools people need to do some good.

Thurston adds that “this is not a cynical play” – acknowledging that while the instinct might be to throw out some expletives and to blame everyone- in fact not everyone is equally at a fault and there are constructive measures to be taken.

Indeed- and in fact there’s something to taking a moment before we get productive and mature to deliver a heartfelt Fuck You to the fuckers who are ruining America.

There might be a temptation to suggest that this tactic is confrontational or over the top because “people” find the word “fuck” to be “offensive” or distracting.


But also I’d argue that the refusal of this Congress to even try to do their jobs is even more offensive and distracting and it’s totally intolerable. Drastic times warrant more than a slap on the wrist, a harshly worded letter, or a “shame on Congress”.


Absolutely fuck those guys.

May they pull their shit together to act like grown ups and do what they were elected to do, what they should feel privileged to be in the position to do, before they outright ruin America.

Feeling amped?

Head over to www.fuckyoucongress.com for more info.

6 Responses to "F#&k You Congress: New Website Tells Congress What We’ve Been Collectively Muttering Under Our Breath"
greenwarrior | Thursday October 10, 2013 01:20 pm 1

Thanks! What a fabulous idea. And an excellent website.

bgrothus | Thursday October 10, 2013 01:28 pm 2

Take that, Tony Scalia! America, made coarse by Congress.

Dredd | Thursday October 10, 2013 01:29 pm 3

It would be nice if they would define “government” and “shutdown” because what is going on is not a shutdown of government.

Natty Rebel | Thursday October 10, 2013 01:48 pm 4

These are the only entities with lower approval ratings than Congress:

1. Serial Killers
2. Miley Cyrus
3. Honey Boo Boo
4. Lindsay Lohan
5. Twerking, Twerkers?
6. Ebola
7. Heroin

Higher approval ratings than Congress

1. Cockroaches
2. Zombies
3. Dog shit

reader | Thursday October 10, 2013 02:35 pm 5

Beautiful idea. Fuck congress, indeed. That’s what they are saying to all of us, after all.

Paul Papanek | Thursday October 10, 2013 06:22 pm 6

Actually, NOT such a good idea. Yes, sounds cute, but the idea is wrong.

It’s not Congress as a whole. It’s the HOUSE REPUBLICANS we should be lampooning. They’re the destructive idiots to blame for this mess. As many have argued recently, please do NOT add to the false “both-sides-do-it” meme.

So, if somebody were to set up a website called “F**You HOUSE REPUBLICANS” — then YES, we’d want to be all over that.

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