Late Night: One Thing the Shutdown Was Good For

Farewell, panda-cam and octopus-cam, much beloved perks from the National Zoo which went dark with the government shutdown. Yosemite is closed on its 100th birthday, tens of thousands of government employees are out of work. It pretty much sucks. Except for this:

A planned Ku Klux Klan rally at a historic landmark of American history won’t happen due to the federal government shutdown.

The Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan event at Gettysburg National Military Park was approved  for Saturday, October 5. But the gubmit went and canceled their all-white sheet-head party. Clearly it’s some grand conspiracy engineered by Obama and libruls to keep them from rallying. Eleventy dimension chess, ya know.

Park officials  granted the permit because

they have a responsibility to make the land available for citizens to exercise their right to freedom of speech, even if the views expressed are contrary to those of most Americans.

The Republican-orchestrated shutdown of all non-essential government services caused the park to rescind all permits.

Meanwhile the San Diego Zoo offers live panda-cam.

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