Texas Hits a New Low. Even for Texas.

Hornet Signs of Waco, Texas came up with this really tasteful truck decal of a bound woman in the truck bed. See, you like stick it on the tailgate and your fellow peckerwoods slap you on the back, exclaiming:

Sheeeee-yit, BradleyJoe finally figgered out how to git hisself a date. And she’s blond! Hey BradleyJoe, how kin she make us a sammich and git us sum beers with her hands all tied up?”

Oh yeah, that’s real knee-slapper.

The owner said the woman was actually an employee who posed for the photo which was then put on anther worker’s truck.

“It wasn’t our intent to make that the branding of our company but more of what could we do with it,” said Brad Kolb.

Kolb said he’s received a lot of complaints, but also a lot of orders too.

The decal was designed to show how realistic the company’s products can be. And because it’s really funny, right? What, you’re not laughing? What are you, some kinda liburel fimmininst?

At least not everyone in Texas thinks abduction is as amusing as Hornet Signs’ Brad Kolb:

Concerned and frightened citizens raised the alarmas the truck was spotted in traffic. Police were called, but there wasn’t a victim in the truck at all. Instead, what people believed they saw turned out to be a decal plastered on the tailgate of the truck for marketing company Hornet Signs.

Here’s Brad Kolb’s response. He feels bad that people got all sandy-pantied over his realistic decal, would like to donate to the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children, and wants to make headlines not for making disgusting misogynistic decals, but for being part of the solution to violence against women and children. Oh and he’ll give even more money based on the number of Facebook likes he gets.

3 Responses to "Texas Hits a New Low. Even for Texas."
alan1tx | Monday September 9, 2013 07:52 pm 1

Fake depictions what’s not happening to women in the back of a Texan’s pick-up truck.

Next they’ll want to show fake depictions of what’s not happening to women in Texas clinics.

spocko | Monday September 9, 2013 07:54 pm 2

Watch the video. I wonder who his PR firm/crisis communication people are? They are good.

Compare to Amy’s Baking company. I’ve followed this story. What they did here is smart. But If I recall correctly this wasn’t their first response. I would dig it up but I have to dash right now.
But someone should compare the first response vs. this one. it might be useful case study

Also, think about how this might have gone if it was a real hard core RW group who didn’t listen to any advice. I’m thinking they would either double down on the stupid or scream about “free speech!” and then get the free speech advocates to hold their noses and support them. (Ala Nazi’s marching in Skoki)

stratocruiser | Monday September 9, 2013 09:35 pm 3

ust for the record, these guys also produced another decal showing a man in the prone position with a rifle aiming at the driver of whatever car is following.

And to think i was disturbed at truck balls.

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