Homeland Leaks, Journalists Blamed

The season premiere of  Showtime’s Homeland has been leaked onto the interwebs, and subtle finger pointing is aimed at journalists. According to Variety:

The circulating copy resembles the screener handed to critics at July’s Television Critics Association event in Los Angeles. The version in question is missing both the opening credits and a few special effects.

The version of the hit series starring Claire Danes has been downloaded off BitTorrent over 100,000 times.  While Showtime declined to comment, last month Jeff Bewkes, the CEO of Time-Warner, Inc. waxed rapturous over HBO’s Game of Thrones ranking high as one of the most in globally pirated television shows, saying

that’s better than an Emmy.

So, wait, global piracy is good? But…but…I haz a confused. Aren’t all the pirates cutting into profits? Hasn’t Hollywood–the film and music business–been railing against piracy since file sharing began? Napster? Pirate Bay? Online pirates are the supposedly bane of the entertainment conglomerates who have tried to stamp out sharing sites through legislation, fines, and imprisonment. But wait, according to Time-Warner’s Bewkes, piracy builds word of mouth and actually increases subscriptions to HBO for those  (like me) who are too technologically inept or chicken to use BitTorrent and other sharing sites.

Of course a leaked tape is good for business. Just ask Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian!

So one has to wonder, tin foil firmly in place,  tongue firmly in cheek, if someone at Showtime leaked the television critic version of Homeland’s season 3 premiere episode to gin up interest and hopes that the blame will fall on the teevee typers.

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spocko | Tuesday September 3, 2013 08:14 pm 1

What I’m the only one commenting? Maybe because a friend of a friend whose cousin I know saw it though the window of a neighbor. And that friend watched the whole thing. And like it.

Now here’s the deal. If I was the studio in question I would make a big deal about how “We will track down the leaker and punish them to the full extent of the law.” and then NEVER announce that you found the source. Especially if the source was your marketing or PR department.

Did you know that all the while Viacom’s copyright dept was sending take down notices to youTube there was a different department within the Viacom that was PUTTING THESE UP? The left department didn’t know what the right department was doing.

The marketing people knew that this was a way to create buzz. The legal department knew that they couldn’t keep these up on YouTube because that would decrease revenue by some percent so they were both putting up and taking down the files.

Now what do you think the people at Viacom did with the people within Viacom who were putting up shows to create buzz? Fire them? Fine them? Nope. They PROMOTED them!

What did they do with the lawyers in Copyright? They told them to keep doing what they were doing because they would catch the fans who were uploading and if they stopped attacking them then the public might think it was okay.

this only came to light because of discovery when Youtube was sued.
The only people who knew were the people with in google.

So I’m guessing, based on the evidence, that the same thing has happened here. I could be a production house that put this up. It could be a journalist. I could be the people who didn’t get paid by the production company. But the question is, if they find the leak, they might never tell us the truth if it reveals promotion by it’s own people.

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