At Least Weiner Didn’t Sext an Underage Girl, Unlike Former Los Angeles GOP Official

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but at least Anthony Weiner wasn’t cyber-canoodling with minors, unlike 30-year old Scott Hounsell, who up until June 15 was executive director of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County.

Hounsell was arrested Friday, August 2 by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, a nationwide task force focused on child victimization.  He was booked on suspicion of sending harmful matter to a child and released later that day after making his $40,000 bail.  According to, citing City News Service,  LAPD Officer Bruce Borihanh said:

Officers conducted a child sexual exploitation investigation. During their interview with the 16-year-old victim, she identified the suspect, Scott Hounsell, as the person who had engaged in sexually explicit chats with her via a social media website.

Jonathan Wilcox, spokesman for the local GOP, issued a statement to the LA Weekly and other media outlets:

Scott Hounsell is a former employee of RPLAC who resigned on June 15th. Until we were contacted by LAPD today, we had absolutely no knowledge of any information relating to this case. We take this issue very seriously and will fully cooperate with law enforcement any way we can.

Nine days before he quit the GOP, Hounsell posted this to his Twitter account:

Oh the cake! And then there’s this, posted earlier:


6 Responses to "At Least Weiner Didn’t Sext an Underage Girl, Unlike Former Los Angeles GOP Official"
RevBev | Sunday August 4, 2013 05:07 pm 1

You’re kidding, right? Where do these folks come from or who do they think they are?

Elliott | Sunday August 4, 2013 05:27 pm 2

I guess he got off on tweeting about Weiner, perv

Elliott | Sunday August 4, 2013 05:31 pm 3

Does he have children?

hackworth1 | Sunday August 4, 2013 05:43 pm 4

Republican Family Values aka Christian Values are for the Little People. Big Shots get to do whatever they please. Diapers, Foot Tapping, Bathroom Stalls, Madams, Call Girls, Gannon Guckert, Dead Madams, Dead Secretaries, Nature Walks in Brazil, Henry Hyde, Hookers and Blow, War on Bogus Pretenses.

It’s all good. Unless they get outed. Hell, even then…

Vitter, Rove, Sanford and Scarborough are still employed and Dubya and Cheney are still drawing their retirement benefits.

Don’t get caught and don’t cross the wrong people. The NSA has the goods on everybody.

Phoenix Woman | Sunday August 4, 2013 06:27 pm 5

Well, he figured he could get away with it in LA. Oops.

jimbo | Sunday August 4, 2013 10:26 pm 6

please leave L.A. out of it. This is the disease that happens when they slide around in kochbro and alec slime. This is the kind of people who lead republicans, and the results are obvious.

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