Opera Singer Dedicates Performance to Teen Suicide Victim, Westboro Urges More Teen Suicides

Internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato announced that she would dedicate July 17th’s  performance of  Rossini’s La donna del lago to the memory of gay New Mexico teen bullying victim Carlos Vigil and his family.

Vigil, 17, attempted suicide on Saturday after posting a heartbreaking note online in which he described being a target of bullying. His family later removed Carlos from life support, and he died yesterday.

She is performing the title role of Elena with the Santa Fe Opera. On her Facebook page,  La DiDonato, who is American-born, writes:

Tonight I would like to dedicate my performance of La Donna del Lago to the memory of Carlos Vigil ~ a New Mexican teen who committed suicide after being mercilessly bullied throughout school. His suicide note is beyond tragic.

But I would also like to dedicate it to every single child who bullied him along the way, and those who stood by silently as well ~ may they witness the great loss of a precious human life and experience a RADICAL change of heart, working to obliterate bullying and discrimination for the rest of their days.

Rest in peace, Carlos

Here is La DiDonato performing “Tanti affetti … Fra il padre” from Donna del lago


Contrast this with the unspeakable <adjective, gerund, noun> Westboro Baptist Church, which, after the death of Glee actor Cory Monteith, urged the actor’s fiancée and Glee co-star, Lea Michele, to kill herself and the show’s fans to join the pair for a wedding in hell.

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