Close Your Eyes, Think of England. And Smile!

God Save the Queen!

As all of Great Britain gears up for the Royal Push, replete with lots of souvenirs–because what would be the birth of another Royal (can we call it a “crowning”?) without some tea towels and china to mark the blessed occasion–England and Wales have passed another milestone: Marriage equality.

The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat leaderships all backed the proposals, whiich were then approved by Members of Parliament and peers earlier this week, before receiving Royal Assent–the formal approval of the sovereign required for all legislation.

The BBC reports that weddings should begin next summer.

Under the terms of the the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, religious organisations will have to “opt in” to offering weddings, with the Church of England and Church in Wales being banned in law from doing so.

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ThingsComeUndone | Wednesday July 17, 2013 06:53 pm 1

Pat Buchanan and George Will’s heads should be exploding soon. Pat will scream decline of the West never mind Rome fell because the rich had big estates with slave labor and undercut prices of poorer people on everything.
Rather than sexual immorality read ” the 12 Caesars ” I doubt Rome’s leaders ever got as immoral as that period again but the empire went on for hundreds of years after that.
Gay Marriage is fine but what went on in the ” the 12 Caesars ” was so sick I had to stop reading.
George Will is an Anglophile I think he moderated his position on Gay Marriage somewhat but he does love preaching and using England as an example.

ThingsComeUndone | Wednesday July 17, 2013 06:55 pm 2

American Conservatives will either go nuts or try and ignore this news since they own the media lets see how much this news gets mentioned in the next few days.

ThingsComeUndone | Wednesday July 17, 2013 07:03 pm 3

Derek Black, the son of the former Alabama Klan leader who now runs the largest racist Web forum in the world, has renounced white nationalism, saying that he had been through “a gradual awakening process” and apologizing for his past activism.

Last November, Derek Black posted a statement on a students-only forum at his college in which he explicitly said he was not a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi or a Klansman, and revealing that he had some unexpected views, such as support for same-sex marriage, environmental regulation, and legal abortion.

Black seems to have changed his mind at college. I expect that the entire Conservative Movement will either attack Left Wing colleges even more than before or they will do their best to ignore this.

wynota skunk | Wednesday July 17, 2013 07:09 pm 4

No offense, but as someone who remembers the British from the last several decades; if there was a God, he’d ” Hang the Queen “.

ThingsComeUndone | Wednesday July 17, 2013 07:12 pm 5

Isn’t the Queen the head of the Church of England? How will this effect Church of England people in America (what are they called?)
Is her role as head of the church ceremonial or does it effect the English and or the American Church like the Pope’s word does Catholics worldwide?

ThingsComeUndone | Wednesday July 17, 2013 07:13 pm 6

” Hang the Queen “

Agreed world’s biggest Welfare Queen but when she does good I’ll give her props.

ThingsComeUndone | Wednesday July 17, 2013 07:19 pm 7

Hmm? you don’t think any members of the Royal Family might be having a Gay wedding soon? If so I wonder if the tv networks will give it the same coverage as the last royal wedding?

ThingsComeUndone | Wednesday July 17, 2013 07:24 pm 8

Lisa any new word about last night

wynota skunk | Wednesday July 17, 2013 07:42 pm 9
In response to ThingsComeUndone @ 6

Love the Welfare Queen bit. Some of my friends are from the Middle East. They’d love to tell the Queen to put it where the sun don’t shine. About 2 centuries too late, I might add.

Lisa Derrick | Wednesday July 17, 2013 10:12 pm 10
In response to ThingsComeUndone @ 8

What about last night? The Hollywood robberies? Bunch of dumb people did dumb stuff and got caught!

ThingsComeUndone | Thursday July 18, 2013 09:05 am 11
In response to Lisa Derrick @ 10

Maybe it was not last night I was thinking of GOP plants and Satan

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