FDL Late Night: Two Creepy Ads


When I first saw this ad, I thought it was a right-wing produced anti-Roe v Wade commercial because it is soooo yucky and creepy. For me the guy falls straight into the worst stereotype of the typical smarmy cad who wants to bang without a condom on the first dip. He’s slick, faux-seductive, self-entitled, bougie, and a boozer. Flunk. Fail. So when I saw it was produced by the pro-choice Center for Reproductive Rights, I threw up a little in my mouth.


This new pseudo-PSA from Coca-Cola pushes their low calorie options: Look, mini-Coke for portion control! Look, a lower calarie options with lots of fake stuff in it! And look, we voluntarily replaced high-calorie beverages in school vending machines with lower-calorie options just to insure we maintain out revenue stream. It’s nice they give money to the Boys And Girls Club, who I support through their local poker tournament at the Hustler Casino; I guess we all have our off-base ways of doing it for the kids.

The Coke ad basically says if you exercise enough, you can drink their glop¬† to your heart’s (and waistline’s) content.¬† Nice showing the white bread sammiches in the kids lunches too. Wheat bread and fruit would have made a better subliminal.

Your thoughts?

3 Responses to "FDL Late Night: Two Creepy Ads"
cwaltz | Tuesday January 22, 2013 08:47 pm 1

I think the first ad is trying to appeal to guys but you’re right it comes off slick. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but it almost feels like they’re trying to hard to make abortion about a relationship between a man and woman rather than a relationship between a woman and her body. By using a guy they’re going to run right into the narrative trap that abortion is being used as a means of birth control(which is pretty ridiculous when you think about it since taking a pill, getting a shot, or implant is much easier and safer than having your insides scraped out each time you end up pregnant. I wish they’d chosen some women and narratives that make Americans understand why this procedure should remain legal. Surely they could have found women that miscarried or that were raped or that found out that the fetus they carried would live a short painful life if carried to term, found a woman who took the pill but had it fail or had a condom burst but worried that she’d be stripped of her livlihood in her right to work state once her boss knew that he’d be dealing with her needing time off or a woman who found out that she’d be risking her life when she already had the responsibility of others. There are so many compelling reasons to argue for keeping it a WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE over the governments right to compel someone who isn’t ready to have a child. Why they instead chose something that was just missing the song “Let’s Get It On” to make it a seduction rather than an appeal I have no idea.

I’m going to preface my second opinion by stating that soft drinks are one of the few things I actually favor a VAT tax on. It should have a tax like cigarettes, alcohol and many of the other bad for you habits that Americans enjoy. With that being said I actually LIKED the second ad. I welcome the idea that Coca Cola is pushing the idea of responsible portion sizes and cleaning up their act even if they are using it as a PR move. I welcome the idea of them adding items like Odwalla to their product line and putting it in schools. As much as I’d like to see people drinking more water I think there is value to teaching people that you can have a treat occasionally as long as you understand that those treats are calories and go in with open eyes. You can have a juice or a brownie but not both and not with every meal. Anyway those are my views on those ads.

cmaukonen | Tuesday January 22, 2013 10:28 pm 2

My thoughts ? Same as always. Capitalism sucks bat shit.

prostratedragon | Wednesday January 23, 2013 12:38 am 3

Sets one to pining for the clarity and focus of “Torches of Freedom” and the Green Ball. The first one doesn’t offend me I guess, maybe, but the tone is certainly wrong for the “product,” at best a non sequitur. And the second uses such herky-jerky profusion to say so little that it just seems like a bunch of noise to me. Of course, the punchdrunk might be easier to manipulate …

In The Wiz, Emerald City is ruled by a strangely familiar sort of pr person, who keeps his pet evangels ever at the ready. Too bad the movie clip seems to be unavailable, as the scene involved several hundred dancers strutting their stuff at the World Trade Center. But the music is great for exercising.

Emerald City Ballet

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