Big News: Coppers, Diplomatic Police, and Cabbies at Ecuadorian Embassy, All for Assange



Police surround the Ecuadorian embassy in London, preparing, or at least trying, to arrest Julian Assange on violation of his bail, as he has not checked in with the court in over a month. But of course if he left the embassy to check in, he’d be nabbed and extradited to Sweden to deal with accusations of rape, and possibly then extradited to the U.S. where he’d be up against far more serious charge–like life and death charges–of espionage over WikiLeaks.

Protestors and citizen journalists began reporting at around 11pm UK time, and several news feeds including OccupyNewsNetwork have been broadcasting live. There is police van parked in front of a side door. About a dozen police officers went into the building at 9:15am UK time. Earlier, men in suits who identified themselves as diplomatic police entered.

At few minutes earlier, around 9am UK time, some wags began calling taxis to the embassy using Assange’s name. The first driver was let in, and left disappointed. More cabs arrived, despite the livestream chatters explaining that the cabbies were part of the 99% and shouldn’t be pranked. Eventually a gray cab Mercedes pulled up with this sign in the window.

No one came out to take the ride to Heathrow.

What if Assange gained a bunch of weight, grew a beard and dyed it brown, and left on a fake passport during the Olympics!?

3 Responses to "Big News: Coppers, Diplomatic Police, and Cabbies at Ecuadorian Embassy, All for Assange"
Teddy Partridge | Thursday August 16, 2012 08:00 am 1

What if some of the many, many resources NBC shipped to London for Olympics coverage were deployed to cover this story with just half the effort FDL’s own Kevin Gosztola has put into it over at the Dissenter venue? It’s shocking that a little progressive website is providing the only USAmerican information about this unfolding diplomatic emergency!

Thanks, Lisa. I can’t understand why our media deem this a non-story.

Lisa Derrick | Thursday August 16, 2012 08:39 am 2

Oh MSNBC is on it–they just refer to JA as “fugitive hacker.” Um WTF?

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