Olympics: Romney’s Rafalca Squeaks By

Ann Romney’s pretty pony Rafalca managed to waltz her way into the freestyle dressage competition, earning the 18th and final spot in Thursday, August 9′s freestyle dressage.

While Rafalca’s rider, Jan Ebling, and the fancy horse finished 30th overall in the individual dressage on Friday August 1, and 13th on in the earlier competition the day before,  they will be part of the Grand Prix team competition on Tuesday, August 7.

Pundit William Kristol speculated that Rafalca has delayed Mitt Rmoney’s picking of a vice-presidential running mate; Stephen Colbert dangled the idea that Rmoney might pick Rafalca for the VP spot.

Hey, it worked for Caligula and Incitatus.

Photo: Screenshot from Colbert Report

8 Responses to "Olympics: Romney’s Rafalca Squeaks By"
Mauimom | Saturday August 4, 2012 06:49 pm 1

At least [as far as we know] Rafalca hasn’t cheated on his taxes or slept with basketball players [a la Sarah Palin].

DrDick | Saturday August 4, 2012 07:05 pm 2

Rafalca is probably more intelligent and certainly better trained and more sane than any of the other potential candidates.

Beerfart Liberal | Saturday August 4, 2012 07:06 pm 3

18th place = loser-big time min my book; Maybe Aly Raisman’s dad can mount Mrs Raisman and she’ll scream “Stck it! Stick it!” Winner in my book

EvilDrPuma | Saturday August 4, 2012 07:29 pm 4
In response to DrDick @ 2

Oh, I don’t know. Mittens has managed to dance around the issues pretty well.

Ready | Saturday August 4, 2012 07:30 pm 5

Want to see how the rich live?

The World of Billionaire Bling look at the right and scroll if not this video


tammanytiger | Saturday August 4, 2012 07:46 pm 6

Had GWB owned a dressage horse, he would have named it Incitatus.

Frank33 | Saturday August 4, 2012 07:46 pm 7

Go Rafalca! American Horse Exceptionalism wiil always defeat those European Socialistic Welfare horses.

Guess who is a European Socialist. Yes, the President!

In a debate here last fall, Romney said Obama “takes his political inspiration from Europe, and from the socialist Democrats in Europe.”

tammanytiger | Saturday August 4, 2012 08:16 pm 8

Romney said Obama “takes his political inspiration from Europe, and from the socialist Democrats in Europe.”

On the other hand, Willard Romney takes his political inspiration from Lucius Cornelius Sulla; Pope Paul III, who convened the Council of Trent; the royalist wing of the Federalist Party; Russell (“Acres of Diamonds”) Conwell; George F. Babbitt; and Gordon Gekko.

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