You’re Doing It Wrong > 9000: RNCLatino Outreach Site Full of Spam and Epic Fail

Gods Bless America! If this wasn’t the GOP, I’d swear these folks are high. The website, designed as outreach to Hispanic voters, used a photo of children found on with the following tags:

activity, asia, asian, cheeks, children, cool, cute, enjoy, expression, friend, friendship, funny, future, gang, grass, group, happy, humor, interracial, japanese, joy, jump, kid, link, love, park, people, person, play, poor, relax, sleep, small, smile, social, spring, student, study, summer, sweet, thailand, together, trendy, union, united, young, youth

Yup, Asian, Japanese and Thailand. Also poor.

The picture has since been taken down, and RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski explained:

An outside vendor developed the site and it has been corrected.

Sadly, the RNC also took down this hilarious blog from the site:

Indiscriminate locks the loss is among the nagging wellbeing dangers we endure from while in the current time…You can deal with this difficulty nicely once you are mindful concerning the roots from the primary problem. Precisely, it might be simpler for you personally to realize the fundamentals how you can avoid locks the loss in women, once you know the principal aspects accountable for this happening. understanding these aspects would make you conscious to adhere through the treatments fundamental for locks fall control.

In its place? A series of ads for pharmaceuticals, including Darifenacin which is used to control overactive bladders. Srsly, hackers couldn’t have done a better job on this moran site.¬† Internets, they just aren’t safe for the RNC.


HT: Think Progress

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