Late Night FDL: May Day–Walking, Dancing, Marching: It’s Good for You!


It’s May Day when those of certain faiths celebrate spring with dances round the maypole (a phallic symbol if ever there was one) and jumping over the Beltane fires, along with some other heart-rate raising activities of the fornicatory variety. In modern times May Day has become associated with another exercise: Marches! There were marches all over the world today!

Today in Los Angeles we had Four Winds, where groups from the four corners of the county converged in downtown, joining with pro-immigrant rallies in downtown and shutting down LAX for a while. There were several arrests for civil disobedience, and some idiot hit an LAPD officer with a skateboard. Not be sexist, but the moran, who remains at large, hit a female officer, and considering how everyone at the marches is supposed to be all respectful of the wimmins–even cops–that’s an epic fail. Or an outside agitator.

Celebrating May day with a Beltane frolic or a community march helps change the world. And even if it’s not a holiday, please make an effort to walk! Exercise changes your life!

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