Rich Gent Wing? GOP Candidate Anagrams

The names of the five GOP candidates make for some goofy, at times telling, anagrams. The letters of openly gay, pro-choice, pro-pot  candidate GOP candidate Fred Karger’s name only rearrange into one anagram, while Rick Santorum’s moniker provides the most. And the raunchiest. Here are some of the choice and fitting combinations.

Cringing Whet
Etch Grin Wing
Gent Rig Winch
Get Inch Wring
Grit Gin Wench
Retching Wing
Rich Gent Wing

Erg Dark Ref

A Pol Run
Lunar Op
Oral Pun
Run A Lop

I My Torment
Memory Tint
Metro Minty
Not My Merit
Remit My Ton
To Mr Enmity
Yo Mr Mitten

A Scrotum Rink
A Trick Mourns
Crank Tourism
Crank Out Rims
I Rank Scrotum
Iron Smut Rack
It Murks Acorn
Main Cork Rust
Manic Rusk Rot
Mr Sour Catkin
Muck A Torn Sir
O Karmic Turns
Oink Crams Rut
Or Irk Sanctum
Riots Can Murk
Rim Nuts Croak
Rum Snack Riot
Rut Minor Sack
Scat Ink Rumor
Scrota In Murk
Sir Coma Trunk
Smack Ruin Rot
Smirk Can Tour
Snout Rim Rack
Strain Or Muck
Taco Smirk Run
Tin Sack Rumor
Trucks A Minor
Uncorks A Trim

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Lisa Derrick | Saturday March 24, 2012 05:55 pm 1

It was pointed out to me by a friend that my name makes the anagram DERAILS RICK

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