Courtney Love Guitar Player Slurs Gays from the Stage in Brazil


Everyone expects Courtney Love to have a meltdown within a couple months of her latest comback. It’s a given.  Considering she was recently on the cover of Vanity Fair and scheduled to play a show in Brazil, it was inevitable, like the tides that a spectacular flame-out was due.

And Courtney did not disappoint. Only this time she might have gone too far. No, it wasn’t  unleashing a stream of words commonly used to mean the rectum and fornication. It wasn’t even plopping her boobs out of her tube top and playing bare-chested, though that did raise some eyebrows. And her storming offstage–well de riguer, darling

No, it was her acceptance of this. She returned to the stage

after a member of her entourage demanded that the crowd chant: “The Foo Fighters are gay”.

Actually the member of the “member of her entourage” is guitarist Micko Larkin, who is seen in the video above conferring with Courtney before he takes the stage:

Do you guys want to see Courtney back? All right, then repeat after me after three: The Foo Fighters are gay. One, two three.

When Courtney was touring to support  Live Through This, she would encourage the crowd to chant both the n-word and the c-word, in some attempt to “reclaim” them (the use of the former term in rock n roll was explored by both John Lennon and Patti Smith in the 1970s). And this time she said that she could use the word “fag” because she is a

She’s awful. And apparently she is responding with further rants  on using her Facebook screenname Rose of Sharon in which she further uses the word gay as an insult.

Seriously, Courtney, tits or not, GTFO, STFU, get in the kitchen and make yourself a sammich. Preferably ham.

2 Responses to "Courtney Love Guitar Player Slurs Gays from the Stage in Brazil"
Phoenix Woman | Monday November 14, 2011 05:18 pm 1

So Courtney, how’s acting out the story of Edina Monsoon to Frances’ Saffy Monsoon been working out for you?

onitgoes | Friday November 18, 2011 12:15 pm 2
In response to Phoenix Woman @ 1

Funny you mention that, bc that’s (honest) just what I thought of when I read the Vanity Fair article about this trainwreck. I would feel somewhat compassionate towards C. Love bc I think she does have talent. But she is such a narcissistic, self-indulgent train-wreck who is constantly victimizing herself that all of my compassion flies out the window.

Hope her daughter can stay far away from this emotional vampire and have her own life.

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